The war on marijuana


The funny thing about my issue (the smell) is that I actually love the smell of pipes/tobacco. I don’t smoke because I don’t feel like getting cancer anytime soon, but the smell? Amazing.


Sure, I could. I actually do a fair amount of design work for companies that make them.

But I’ve got no interest in those either. It just ain’t my thing.


It still stinks. I imbibe every now and then (legal in WA woohoo) via cookies or brownies and it still smells bad.


I never tried edibles. I guess I would be curious to try that.


This is true


They have gummy-bear like things in Colorado, apparently.


Good lord weed smells horrible. Nevermind my complete disinterest in altering my state of mind, but damn does it reek.


I must be an outlier because I love the way it smells, both the un-smoked raw plant and the scent of the smoke itself.


As someone who recently vacationed in Colorado, let me tell you that they have got some fancy fancy edibles nowadays that can completely mask any smell/taste issues. A bit pricier, but I got a graham-cracker coffee-chocolate crunch bar thingy that neither smelled nor tasted of the devils lettuce.

Deceptively potent too, in the way of edibles.


Yeah, I heard the stuff they sell is powerful. What did you have to pay for that specialty?

You know, besides the tax money on the stuff itself, I bet the legal weed has boosted tourism a bit.


Pursuit of happiness baby. Pot is patriotic.


Yeah, after the rec sales started here, I decided to try one of the candy bars. Chocolate-mint. Tasted pretty good, and zero weed smell. But, like every other edible I’ve tried before, the effects are completely random with each dose. One day - ZONK, another day - absolutely nothing, another day - mild buzz.

It sold for $22, before the extra 18% tax.


Next time you are in a legal state go and pick some up. I think its WAY better than smoking it. Just be careful on the THC levels. I wouldn’t go more than 15mg the first time you try edibles. Pay very close attention to the packaging. You can give yourself a bad time if you take too much.


And now you have widespread vaping, which won’t hurt your lungs.

Ya, I do too. It might just be due to fond memories though, I dunno.


This was me – I had bad asthma as a kid, so smoking anything pretty much terrified me. I’m closing on 50 and I’ve never had a cigarette, much less a joint.

I’d consider trying an edible, should it ever become legal. Right now I’m a government contractor and for drug-testing purposes the federal government is very clear that they subscribe to the federal statutes, not state-by-state laws. So I’ll stick with scotch. Or beer. Or maybe rum.


I actually live in one! But I just need to make time to do it. Probably need to check with my wife and make sure she’d be ok with that, she’s pretty anti-drug in general.


Easy sell, tell her the intimacy benefits of … oh sod it, we are all adults here.

High sex is definitely worth doing with your partner at least once. I think you will both be pleased with the results :)


I live in a legal state and edibles definitely have some strength variance. It’s getting better though. Even from a year ago, the variance isn’t as great.


Geez, I feel like those on the forum that do partake should do an AMA here. There is a funny skit by Louis CK about smoking today that would give you some insight, but understand that indeed, it is a LOT different today than the time when you were in college. Back then, weed was weed. Today there are specific strains and blended hybrids, etc that all zero in on specific effects. Going to a dispensary these days is a unique experience. There are so many methods of using marijuana that you really need a quick class on things just to catch up. is a good start.

I would actually suggest to people to try it. It can be beneficial in quite a number of ways.


I’m not that old.
We had fancy weed when I went to school.