The war on marijuana


Is it legal for medical use in your state?


Kinda? Medically yes, but I’ve never seen a dispensary nor anyone that uses one.


You probably won’t see a dispensary unless you are registered to use medical marijuana. If it’s anything like here, the dispensaries are deliberately low-key and not advertised. And people who use medical marijuana in states where it is otherwise not legal generally don’t go around telling people, if only so that they don’t set themselves up for thieves.


Shops (edit: not dispensaries) are popping up like Starbucks here in Washington. There’s kind of a weird cognitive dissonance for me, too, because in my head it’s deeply ingrained that “drugs are bad, mkay?” And that clashes horribly against the rather garish signage some of these places have.


I think I pass at least five each day on my commute?


Are these medical marijuana dispensaries, or is weed legal where you’re seeing these obvious places with signage? Here in Vermont the few they have for medicinal marijuana are extremely discreet.


I’m pretty sure that in Future Seattle, Starbucks sells hash brownies. Or maybe “Starbaked”


Yeah, he’s not talking about dispensaries, but legal weed shops. Dispensaries are still pretty low-key (and becoming rarer). In think the actual plan is to phase the dispensaries out and into the legal state framework- they’re kind of a legal gray area right now.


Sorry, I used the wrong word. I’m referring to legal shops for non-medical use


Are you in Michigan? Because if so, I have website resources that list good dispensaries and I know some legitimate places in the Detroit Metro area as well. Michigan’s regulations on dispensaries are very fluid right now but will be firmed up by the end of this year so until then, there are some real fly by night places selling medicinal. There are also several good ones, you just have to know where to go. I myself am a licensed patient due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Ah, ok. Just curious. It makes sense that, if it’s legal, and recreational, it’d be advertised like anything else.


There are so many terrible hookah storefronts here around the university due to the HUGE (Muslim/Islamic/Middle Eastern… not sure the right adjective for this) population in this area. I probably wouldn’t even notice the pot shops even if they were garish. What’s the deal with neon that you can see from a mile down the road? /seinfeld


On Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed Cat Packer (formerly of Drug Policy Alliance) as executive director of the city’s newly-established Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, which will oversee the regulation and taxation of cannabis in Los Angeles. The department itself will be governed by a five-member Cannabis Regulation Commission.

The appointment was announced, as these things are, with a press release. What made this press release special, however, was the timing. The press release was sent out at exactly 4:20 p.m. “We sent the release when it was ready to be issued,” a representative from the Mayor’s office told LAist.


I accidentally drove by a dispensary here in Phoenix yesterday. I’d made a wrong turn into the back of a strip mall where the loading docks and dumpsters are and as I made my way back around to the front of the parking lot, I noticed a cop sitting in his cop car at the corner. As I continued onward, I saw what looked like two armed security guards sitting on stools outside a nondescript shop. Then, I noticed the green plus sign. The whole setup just looked and felt shady.


In the good news department on the MJ, front. The first medical MJ dispensary in the state of Hawaii finally opened for business yesterday. More than a dozen years after the state legalize medical MJ.


That’s the trade off. They want, or need, low visibility and security, but it takes a bit of tact and skill to pull that off and not look, as you note, shady. Here they do a fairly good job at least.


The cop at the corner is akin to those that sit outside liquor stores. Though I understand what the are doing, I’m not a big fan of that method of police work. It makes me think that there are still laws on the books there where someone leaving the dispensary could run afoul of them and subsequently get pulled over. Like paraphernalia in the vehicle, as an example.


On top of that, the selling of marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, so it is primarily (exclusively maybe?) a cash business. Shops are very low key and security is relatively tight.


Yes, they cannot legally have regular bank accounts/transaction systems, as far as I know. It’s insane.


Yeah, I know robberies have been a big problem with marijuana dispensaries in Seattle formthat very reason. They just have to sit on their cash.