The Washington Post deserves your support


Everyone here who cares about media coverage of the Trump Administration should be a Washington Post subscriber. They have done a superlative job tracking what’s going on with the facist loofa-faced shitgibbon with stuff like this:

Even just the picture that accompanies the story. Brilliant. And they’re not just passing along insider information, with the appropriate caveats every time:

This account of the administration’s tumultuous recent days is based on interviews with 17 top White House officials, members of Congress and friends of the president, many of whom requested anonymity to speak candidly.

They’re routinely breaking new stories by digging, verifying, and reporting. The media was partly responsible for getting us into this nightmare. God willing, publications like the Washington Post will be partly responsible for getting us out. I’m a subscriber and you guys should be as well.



$1 USD for 8 weeks when subscribing from an Android device and lock in at $5.99 USD/month afterwards, saving $4 USD


I subscribed a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier about it.


I subscribe, albeit via the Amazon Prime promo.


Yes I subscribed a few weeks ago. Easy because of the Amazon connections.


oh, just checked and the offer doesn’t work for amazon prime canuckistan.


I’m currently subscribed to the New York Times which is something I’ve never done before (a digital subscription). These two newspapers may help save us.


Harumph. I’m still mad at those fuckers.



I subbed with the Post last month, partly because I have come to dislike the NYT (for reasons going back to Judith Miller) but mostly because David Fahrenthold’s Trump Foundation reporting for the Post gave me hope for the future of actual journalism.


I subscribed back during the election for all the reasons that Tom cited.


Washington Post, Guardian, Dallas Morning News and Texas Tribune.


I signed along with a lot of others here via the Amazon Prime deal. I feel the same way as Tom and others here, they seem to be one of the few places doing actual journalism.

I haven’t subscribed to a newspaper for probably 20 years, but I’ll happily do so now.


Yeah, I did the amazon prime deal after the election. I think that the pre-election Trump foundation stuff they did was amazing, and I wanted to support it. When my free 6 months is up, I will be subscribing.


I just subbed too. I’ve been reading them for years and this was just the extra kick in the pants I needed :)

Thanks Tom :D


Thanks for the reminder, Tom. I had been meaning to do this for a little while now but this post motivated me to grab my Kindle and subscribe.


Same here. Couldn’t be happier about it.


The Post has really been amazing all election. So many of the big stories originated from their investigative reporting.


Same, subbed during the election. Their masthead is pretty awesome as well.


Wow, remember when we thought this actually meant something to voters? His charity fraud is just a meaningless drop in the ocean now.


Post and the Boston Globe for me. I’ve been a Globe subscriber for a while, and wasn’t sure how much value the Post would really add to my daily reading, but with the Prime deal it costs so little as to be a “duh” addition. And it turns out that “second level” of stories that I wouldn’t have otherwise read - the stuff that isn’t linked everywhere on Twitter, but still makes the Post front page - adds a ton of value to my daily reading.