The Washington Post deserves your support


Yeah, I just tried again on my iPad and I got the same offer. Perhaps it’s for people who have used up their free article allotment or perhaps they think that people living outside the US wouldn’t get the same value as an American?


Yeah, I saw this back in January and considered organizing a boycott of the Washington Post’s fake news. But really, they’re right. All that PAC nonsense and reality TV garbage was just cheapening her. I’d rather she get back to her roots of shooting wolfs from helicopters, tending to her white trash family, and basically being an outspoken ex-beauty queen who can wink at America without shame.

As for Elizabeth Warren, I’m sorry, but she would be a terrible in-game avatar.



Dutch guy here.

It probably has something to do with people living outside US. I just signed up on an offer of $19 a year. I also was out of free articles.


Literally zero people want to see an Elizabeth Warren parody porn.


I know this to be absolutely untrue. Not gonna say anymore than that.


I don’t know about that, at least not circa 2004. I think an avatar with a cute bob and two-toned purple outfit would be pretty sweet.


The fact that she was so brutally misinformed in that video to the point where it helped turn many liberals against Hillary kinda ruins the attractiveness IMO.

But also it’s pretty gross to talk about any of that in the first place.



“Look at all of these powerful women who are making policy and choosing the path our country takes. The way they are offering their lives for public service is really cool.”

“Yeah, but which one is hotter?”


Wait, I thought we were talking about Sarah Palin. Who is totally hotter. Duh.



Exactly, what are you people, British?!?



Other people have answered you but just to confirm, here in Australia it’s $19USD a year and you see this message:
“International readers save 80% on unlimited digital access to The Washington Post”


You lucky international people!


Makes sense – it’ll be up to them to preserve American knowledge and help us rebuild from the radioactive ashes.


Perhaps you can VPN out and then sub?


Subscribed. There’s no WaPo offer included in Amazon Prime over here, but the $20 / year deal is just too good to not jump in.


This Post op-ed, by Alexandra Petri, is very funny, very truthful, and very well written. And also very terrifying.

Read the whole thing (and, if you’re haven’t already, subscribe.)

We were wrong, it turns out. Anyone cannot be president. Anyone can be elected president (any man, that is), but not anyone can be president.

… many columnists lately have been calling President Trump a child, or a bull in a china shop. This is, I think, unfair to children, and to bulls. Bulls have done a good job running Wall Street. Sometimes children are not cruel on purpose. Children can sit still and are often unable to stick their feet into their mouths, and sometimes will let you get more ice cream than they get.

He is something more terrifying than a child. Children can learn.


They have been directly on top of everything RE:Trump here lately. If there is indeed an impeachment, I would suspect awards would be up for someone if not multiple people at WaPo. It’s as though they have a direct line to the White House, the FBI and the Senate as quickly as they turn very decent and informative news scoops, lately.


You mean they’re getting fed info directly by the Deep State, dude!


I took advantage of the Amazon prime for 6 months free and $4 month. But $19 is really a good deal.

I’m actually fine with pay $4 paying it’s not as valuable as Netflix, but it is hard to argue that the fine reporting of WaPo isn’t worth $4.

If Trump was competent and clever, he couldmake owning the Washington Post very expensive for Bezo, with never ending Justice and FTC probes on Amazon near monopoly power in many markets and its tying products together.

(for example the Prime discount only works with WaPo thus hurting the NY Times)