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1% pension match? Holy shit. I get a 6% match

No, but for 4% to be the max sounds pretty shitty. That’s 2% after inflation, for your best workers.


Disney had a period of NO raises back when I was working there, for anyone except Johnny Depp


My favorite was back about 2009 working for a company that gave negative raises several times a year.


Not getting a raise in the D.C. Area has been the norm for almost a decade. We were not hit as hard as other areas in 2008, but we’ve just kinda been plodding along.

And not to excuse Bezos, but if I were working in the print news business, “will I get a raise?” wouldn’t be the most pressing question I’d be asking this time of year.


I work for the state of North Carolina. Technically my inflation-adjusted pay has gone down from my starting salary, and due to a category switch a few years ago, my unadjusted pay is only about 1.5% higher than its peak in 2012.


Yup! Working for the State of Maryland and during the mid 2000’s I went five years with no cost of living increases and no step increases. At the end of that time I was bringing home less than I was those five years earlier due to increases in health coverage.

Even now step increases are rare and COLA increases are like pulling teeth.


I had a 3% merit last year and was extremely grateful, other years have been lower or even zero.

We were just told that this year our healthcare costs were going up 10%.

Certainly there is one industry making money. We’re just in the wrong one.


Same here. 2% has been “good”, last year we got nothing. Healthcare costs continue to eat into everyone’s paycheck, resulting in everyone making less money every year. It’s a completely unsustainable system.


A gem that briefly made it past their editors. This is talking about a fundamentalist from Alabama:

Generally, however, Christians believe that Jesus was conceived “immaculately” and that Mary was a virgin when he was born.

They corrected it quickly, but I think it’s pretty funny that it got published in the first place. I’m imagining some journalist shouting, “I got this! I know all about Christianity. I saw an anime about it.”


This was posted in the other thread, but these articles go into some detail about how the Washington Post vetted the Project Veritas fake and then how they uncovered the plot against them. Fun reading.


Holy cow, watch the video, if any news organization is going to fall for shit this weak, they deserve it.


I almost feel sorry for her when I hear her say that without this job she would just be spending all day on the internet reading right-wing bullshit. What she did was horrible, but it sounds like she’s already living in her own personal hell.


Is the error here the conflation of Virgin Birth and Immaculate Conception, or something else I’m not catching, like a Catholic/Protestant doctrinal difference?


Primarily the conflation of the two terms.

There are doctrinal differences as well, however. The Immaculate Conception is primarily a Roman Catholic doctrine. Many (most, I think) other Christian sects differ there. The Anglican Church is a good example, as while they are Catholic, they are not Roman Catholic, and do not consider the doctrine of Immaculate Conception as binding (likewise the Assumption of Mary).


In case anyone else is a Prime member and somehow missed the memo, you can get a six month free digital subscription to the Post, with $3.99/month after. Just go to the Amazon Prime page and scroll down to the bottom where there’s a link to the Washington Post subscription.


It’s a great deal and one I’ve been really happy with. It’s also pretty sad that I feel better financially supporting a guy like Bezos over Maggie Haberman and the NYT, but such are the times we live.


Pick your plutocrat, we’re like 75% of the way to the cyberpunk future where giant corporations control everything, and people exist to serve them rather than they exist to serve people.


I look at it as funding space stuff. $4/month for Blue Horizon is worth it.


Actual cyberpunk fiction has fewer Nazis.


The Post’s op-ed Page is a shit zone, though. I avoid subscribing because it’s effectively giving Fred Hiatt more money to spend on Megan McArdle’s argle bargle.