The Watchmen

I finally, after all these years, picked up the Watchmen. For God’s sake…I should have done it so much sooner. So…fucking…brilliant. I am really enjoying it so far.

I picked up M. John Harrison’s Viriconium with it, which is another book I have been meaning to get for years. Anyone read this one? Seems that most people are split between loving or hating it, with little between.

Just started the second book. I mostly like it, but I’m taking my time with it. Might be a bit over-flowery.


If you’re referring to the Moore/Gibbons graphic novel, PLEASE PLEASE STOP CALLING IT “THE WATCHMEN”.

[/pet peeve]

Graphic novel? Is that like The Watchmen comic?



It’s just “Watchmen” goddammit. NO “THE”.

Jesus. Sorry for “The”.

By the way, I indicated that “I picked up the Watchmen”. It is a series. Its appropriate English.


Negative. When referring to a book you would say,

“I picked up Watchmen.”

There is no The unless the actual title contains a The.

It would be appropriate English only if you were picking up a group of people men whose profession happened to be watching things.

I like Harrison. I enjoyed Light quite a bit (language use, story, characters, blah blah this isn’t a review) but I’ve only read the first two stories in Viriconium. The first, “The Pastel City”, is, in comparison to the second, much easier to read. The writing and the storytelling is straightforward and it provides a rich environment for playing “spot the theme.” The second, “A Storm of Wings”, is a bit more difficult and I enjoyed it mostly for the flowery language and the way each of the characters lacked an ability to meaningfully interact with anyone else. It was…alienating? I’m not sure how to describe it, but it felt like watching a group of people go insane.

Would this be a good place to exult about having picked up the Absolute Watchmen special edition hyper-book, or would that just get rocks thrown in my general direction? (It’s good to indulge in a little bit of nerd bragging once in a while.)

I’ve got the Absolute Watchmen book as well. It is honestly one of the coolest things I own. Such a great book.

Guys, I think we should throw the rocks at quatoria.

I was tempted on Absolute myself. I had just read my old GN again when it came out however.

I did buy the first Absolute Sandman. It is great, and all that early art which always seemed to be not so good is now great.

Ah yes. Thanks. So anyways, I was enjoying Watchmen recently…

What is the Absolute Watchmen book? Bear with me…I am catching up here :).

I have been wanting to get The Absolute The Watchmen for the longest the time.

The Absolute series from DC are like the Criterion editions of some of their titles - oversized, hardcover, usually “remastered” (in that the color has been corrected or touched up), come with extras, and bloody expensive.

The Absolute Watchmen is a fucking revelation - by oversizing the pages, you really can see how great Dave Gibbons art really is. Gibbons personally oversaw the color, and it pops. Plus, there’s all the extras from the old Graffiti imprint edition of Watchmen, including some of Moore’s notes on how he changed the characters from the Charton stable into the Watchmen. (If you didn’t know, the original idea was to use the Charlton characters DC had aquired in the 80s - The Question, The Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, etc. - in a special series, but when Moore told them he wanted to kill off some of them DC made him come up with his own characters.)

My copy ran me $75, and it’s worth every penny. Heck, the only two things I’d save from a fire would be that and my Calvin & Hobbes Complete hardcovers.