The way it used to be!

Computer game reviewing, or professional wrestling? You make the call.

Cool link. I eat up this nostalgia crap. :)

That is pretty cool. I believe he also wrote a good article for CGW’s 200th issue that covered a whooole lot of ground in the gaming biz.


Yeah, me too.

Is there any magazine that reviews games after they’ve been out and patched a while? That would be worth something.

Those magazines are all out of business.

Chet and Erik should archive this picture for whenever OMM gets back off the ground and Lord British starts nancing around the press release circuit again:

It looks like Lord British is about to cosh a young Dennis Franz to death.

Tom Chick should try to work awards he’s won into all of his articles like Johnny Wilson did there.

Oh wait, he hasn’t won any awards.

The fuck I haven’t. I was nominated Least Likely to Succeed among the Parkview High School Class of 1984. Although, I didn’t actually win, so I guess you’re right.

I did win a Best Legs contest held by a bunch of girls in my dorm during my sophmore year of college. And at a pinball competition, I won a big magnum of champaigne which is proudly displayed on the mantel over my fireplace because, God knows, I sure as hell ain’t gonna drink that stuff.


I thought as part of the NCSoft deal he had to change his name to “Lord Korean.”