The Wayward Realms - Grand RPG by former Elder Scrolls devs

Just saw this one on a news post and it looks like it’s going to be worth keeping eye on for the next few years - no estimated release date, but I’m guessing it’s far out.

Under the direction of Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay — veteran game developers —Once Lost Games is creating a new open-world fantasy RPG.

This new setting, The Wayward Realms , aims to revivify the RPG genre by applying modern development standards and quality-of-life advancements to the design philosophy of classic role-playing games.

Choice, consequence, scope and role-playing will be experienced like never before, with in-depth class and combat systems, a myriad of complex and dynamic faction relations, and a realistically-scaled open world where players will experience a new class of game: the Grand RPG .

Thats the guy that we’ve talked about before, who is really into procedural generated code, right? It also looks like it with the “Massive world” and “virtual game master” they talk about.

Looks to be worth following, thanks!

I think there was already a lot of stuff about that in a different thread that didn’t seem very promising, but /shrug

Yep, seeing the word “procedural” leaves me cold.

Hard same. Also, Daggerfall is all ambition, very little delivery.

Whatever they paid for those, shall we say, aspirational screenshots was money well spent though.

“Big cities with hundreds or thousands of NPCs”


Not a problem, CP2077 had thousands of NPCs too.


I didn’t know the RPG genre needed revivifying ?!

Yeah, but to have a city that size be but a small part of the overall scope. I mean, I don’t like open world games, generally, but “realistically scaled” sounds awful to me. No doubt many will love that, though.

Lot of strange vibes and negativity in this thread, seems like? What don’t I know?

More to the point, Daggerfall had thousands of NPCs. Coming in as many as like, 20 varieties and otherwise functionally identical!

Sounds like every Elder Scrolls game to me.

Oh no. From Morrowind on, many NPCs have their own little stories, routines, relationships. Skyrim they even have tiny little sidequests and every single NPC has their own unique dialogue. Daggerfall they are procedurally generated (with a few exceptions) and functionally completely interchangeable with other NPCs of their generated “class”.

Right, in recent ES games the only generic NPCs are guards and enemies out in the world you’re expected to kill.

The prior discussion seemed to smell a lot like pipe dream horseshit without the required development part.

Happy to be wrong, but if it looks like a procedurally generated duck…

Being as no one can hand craft something on this scale, procedural generation is pretty clearly the only option. There’s nothing bad about that, it’s all down to the quality of said procedural generation.

There’s nothing inherently bad about procedurally generated games, I just don’t enjoy them personally. Lots of people love Minecraft and No Man’s Sky.