The Weekly Qt3 Tournament Suggestion Thread

This is a random idea I had while I was trying to rack up more points in Pinball FX2 over the weekend to try and best my Qt3 compatriots (and failing).

Would anyone else be interested in doing a simple “tournament” style play, for a different game each week? I’d be happy to collect a list of suggestions, like “Best score on Pac-Mac CE Mode 1” or such, and then put them up for a vote or randomly select them each week. Old-school, take a picture of the score page competition.

It can be a way for people to discover games that perhaps they might not otherwise have seen, and just provide a little friendly competition. I’ve had a lot of fun with this recently with Pinball FX and before with Geo Wars and I’d like to try and find a way to foster it more often here.

If you want to do this, then drop a note and even drop some suggestions here. They can be games for any modern system or even PC, but they need to have a measurable component that we can track against each other (such as score, percentage, or complete time). My suggestion is that it not be a head-to-head thing because the various leagues I’ve done here have just proven to me in the past that it’s hard to get people together to play competitively.

Alternatively, if you think this is stupid, let me know. :)

EDIT: I made a thread for these challenges here:

That sounds like it’d be a lot of fun, actually. I’d suggest making it a two-week period per challenge, though.