The widowmaker

Pretty good movie. Kind of like an updated Russian version (made in Hollywood) of Das Boot. Definitely worth a rental, and both Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson are good in it. Rent it folks.


Definitely worth watching, although I thought it fell apart a little at the end. And minus points for being one of those movies about foreigners where they all speak English, but with a foreign accent. That always strikes me as incredibly weird. Overall a good movie, though. But it’s no Das Boot–not even close.

I agree with the “not a Das Boot” comment. The movie that most reminds me of Das Boot is Wing Commander–probably because they hired the Das Boot actors and depth charged them from a Kilrathi destroyer (complete with sonar pings).

Well, Sean Connery as Ramius kicked all their asses.

However, when this was in theatres I took my girlfriend with me to see it. She found it fairly compelling and a lot more interesting than the typical “war movie” sort of thing. Human drama wins over explosions with chicks, ya know.

Not surprising your wife enjoyed it. It was directed by a “chick”.