The Wii Sports Work-out

Have fun and drop some pounds!

This guy dropped 9 pounds during the Christmas holidays and still eating turkey and pumpkin pie?? Sounds gravy! (Mmm, gravy.)

I wonder if anyone else here on QT3 has had similar or positive results?

Shit man, since I got my Wii, I’ve been playing Wii Sports and going to the gym regularly. Still can’t lose more than 5 lbs.

Results are not typical.

  • Alan

I wonder what his diet really was, how often he played Wii Boxing over the time period, and whether he was also exercising in other ways.

one trick: eat some nuts about 20 minutes before a meal. they cause your body to feel fuller quicker, helping you eat less.

Playing real sports means going out into the 10 degree (F) outdoors. See, look what you’ve done… just mentioning it has made my balls retract into my gastro-intestinal tract.

Skiing is great fun but it’s just a huge pain in the ass to get up there on the slopes when you don’t have all your equipment ducks in a row yet.

Heh, i got a good laugh out of my ex and her friends complaining about how tiring a round of wii boxing was. The real thing is more fun, and much more tiring =P

Yeah, well, playing a real guitar is…

Uh, never mind. Just channelling the GH threads.

You’re in some sorry-ass shape if playing Wii sports makes you drop 9 pounds.

Yes yes. The real world is better than video games… Go outside, open a window, talk with your “friends”, smell the “flowers”

Except, of course, for Wii bowling.