The Wii U Owners Topic

Too bad for me, I still use it.

I also watch it on my Xbox, but I’ve been playing a lot more WiiU than Xbox lately.

As of the 26th September, Wii U owners will no longer be able to access Amazon Prime Video from their devices. It had to happen sometime!

Prime Video users have been receiving emails informing them of the bad news, and offering $25 credit towards buying certain Fire TV device to help cushion the blow.

And while I can’t speak for anybody else, the Amazon Fire stuff has consistently been the very worst and least reliable streaming hardware I’ve ever used in my entire life.

Is that the stick? I have a fire TV box, which I think is now discontinued, and it’s one of the most stable streaming devices I’ve used.

The most unstable is the smart stuff in the TV downstairs :)

The only good “smart TV” stuff I’ve ever encountered is WebOS, which is on LG TVs. Even that has some problems though. Like when I signed on with one profile on SlingTV, there’s no way to sign out of that profile other than to delete the app off the TV and redownload it. But I suspect that has more to do with SlingTV’s shitty app than WebOS. SlingTV is also really bad on the Xbox.


Picked up a Wii U and Xenoblade today. Now just need to track down Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Wonderful 101.

Xenoblade is huuuge. W101 will be a fun palate cleanser between Xenoblade sessions (well, the other way around, really. W101 will give you a heart attack if you don’t take breaks), but I wouldn’t plan on playing FE until Xenoblade is done.

All three are fantastic games. I’d say FE took me the longest to get into.

If I can get into even one of the three, it will be money well spent.

I was also delighted to discover the eshop has a Pushmo game. The other thing on my eshop list is Affordable Space Adventures.

I wouldn’t suggest this one unless you’re playing with 1 to 2 other people. It’s very fun co-op, but very dry and straightforward solo because a lot of the fun comes from the interactivity with your friends/family. And it’s a fun co-op game, not the type that leads to divorce.

My wife and I had a ball with it.

What do you need for more people to play?

These are the compatible controllers. My wife and I used a WiiU tablet and pro controller, and it felt fine.

You just need a couple Wii Remotes for Affordable Space Adventures with three people. I think we did use a nunchuk when we played, though.

So let’s say I buy a Wii U this weekend. Let’s just say.

A couple of questions:

  1. Will it play NTSC Wii games on disc just as is?

  2. Can a Wii U – assuming I don’t care too much about voiding a warranty – be modded to play PAL games? Like specifically Wii PAL games?

  3. How difficult is the process to modify/hack a Wii U to get it to play Wii PAL games – if that’s possible?

Just, you know. Curious. :)

(FYI: the two Wii PAL games I’m interested in trying to play on a Wii U that has been modded are both legally purchased on-disk games from Play Asia.)

Isn’t the Dolphin emulator really good right now? I know it’s not the same but you definitely don’t have any moral reasons to not go there now.

A while back I hacked a Wii to play games off a hard drive so I know that’s possible at least. That’s one step closer but different hardware (the OG Wii).

Last chance to buy off the Wii U store before it’s shuttered.

There’s also a Capcom sale with 90% off all their digital games, so don’t sleep on those. I’ll post my list of must-haves in case anyone cares.

Here’s the video version of that Digital Foundry list.

I really love the look of Yoshi’s Woolen World. I really hope they port that one to the Switch one day, or the Switch successor.

Still waiting on your list Andy_Bates.

Looking at that video, it’s shocking to me how much better the cel-shaded Zelda looks compared to the ugly Twilight Princess.

Hm, I wonder if the Europe store doesn’t have a lot of those. Not seeing any of the Capcom collections, Megaman11 etc … then again, I probably have access to all of those on PC anyway if I wanted them, discounted as much when Steam sales hit… not too much point putting them on my Wii U.

I pretty much have ever disc game I could want, bought at a pittance on ebay. Some were pricier, like BotW and Marumasa, but still sub £30.

Okay, I’m not saying I’m buying all the games on this list…but I’m not not saying that either.

One game I think everyone can agree on: Affordable Space Adventures is a game that won’t ever be available anywhere else. With three players, one person navigates the ship, the second person operates the scanner, and the third person uses the gamepad to operate the ship’s systems: turning heat shielding on/off, changing weapon types, diverting power to various systems, etc. It’s a unique game that really wouldn’t be playable on any other system. If you buy one game, get this one.

Here are the rest of the games on my list, in no particular order. I don’t think these are available on other systems:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (There are no plans for either of these games to move to the Switch)
  • Game & Wario
  • NES Remix 1/2
  • Pushmo World
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
  • Dr. Luigi
  • Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
  • StarFox Guard
  • StarFox Zero
  • Yoshi’s Wooly World
  • Chasing Aurora
  • Fast Racing Neo
  • Devil’s Third

Games that are playable elsewhere but maybe better on the Wii U:

  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (exclusive Amiibo content)
  • Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (uses the gamepad to take photos)
  • Duck Hunt (uses the Wii Remote for aiming)
  • Year Walk (iOS game rebuilt for for Wii U)

Games that are on sale right now:

  • Shantae series
  • Mighty Switch Force series
  • Steamworld series
  • Gunman Clive HD collection
  • Mutant Mudds Super Challenge
  • Runbow
  • Mr. Pumpkin Adventure

Virtual Console:

  • Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3: The Wii U version has all the eReader levels which are no longer available on the GBA. You can get them if you have Nintendo Switch Online, but the Wii U is the only place that doesn’t require a monthly fee
  • Drill Dozer for the GBA uses the rumble feature on the Wii U gamepad, if you don’t already own the physical GBA cartridge
  • If you’re a fan of the TurboGrafx-16, I believe this is the only system where you can legally buy those games for the Virtual Console

Let me know if there are any must-haves that I missed!

Why bother with a list? Just buy them all.

Woof. In the end I bought nothing that I didn’t already have on disc (and I already bought the DS Zeldas a while ago) … the prices were just too high for a dead system, and most could be found on Steam and go on sale there eventually anyway.