The Wire - redux

Since there’s another season coming and all, I figured it was time for a sexy new thread!

Well, I just finished season 4. Wow, the best television I’ve ever seen! Half the time you don’t know whether to be happy, sad, angry or resigned. It all plays out so realistically… no one gets what they really deserve, some folks get lucky, some don’t. So very well acted and put together and thought out. You just don’t see TV this good that often. I’ve been preaching to folks at work and elsewhere so much I think I’m starting to be a bore!

Thank you Mr Wire Creator Guy!

It just keeps getting better and better. Does anyone know if it’s true the next season is gonna be the last? I’m so stoked to see more. I seriously can’t get enough of it.
Anyone have any idea when it’s coming back??

Filming just started so probably new episodes this fallish, and yes, Season 5 will be the last.

This is definitely the last season; the creators will move on to pen the miniseries Generation Kill, and then have said they want to more on to do a new series based in New Orleans that could be similar to The Wire…

— Aaln

The new series in New Orleans is allegedly a go, but it will be quite different, as it will apparently focus on the local music scene. I’m afraid we’ve only got 10 more episodes of the best show ever to look forward to. By the way, I hate America. In this forum, presumably a more sophisticated sample than the general public, “Heroes 2007” has 1339 replies right now. The Wire Season 4 thread? 109. One of them stars that hot blonde chick and has a nerdy guy with superpowers, the other is the best goddamn thing in the history of the motherfucking medium.

Well, to be fair, one of those is on a free broadcast network, and the other is on a premium cable channel, so there’s bound to be some paring down of numbers just based on that.

But yeah, The Wire is criminally under-appreciated.

I’d say the fact that there’s an American Idol thread is even worse - at least Heroes tickles the nerd fancy since it’s about Superheros.

Ok, don’t want to read too much of this thread since I’m only watching season 1, but I want to thank whoever talked me into watching this, cause this is awesome. Great cop drama, very real, with very good acting and scripts. I’m totally hooked on the characters, the dialogs, the filming. No stupid cliffhangers (well, maybe just one), but a very well crafted story told the simpliest and yet the best way. Actual cop movies are not that good, I mean I haven’t seen a decent crime flick in years and now I’ve seen almost 13 in a row !

Another great show from HBO, I mean come on, they need to produce Uwe Boll’s next movie or something to make up for all the good stuff they put out on the air for the last 8 years…

Don’t call it a cop drama ;)

Also, I greatly envy you for only having watched Season 1. Savour the rest.

Season 2 stumbles a bit, but persevere. It’s worth it.

Season 2 is fantastic, once you get used to the shift in focus. Trying not to be too spoilerific here for Prodigy’s benefit.

Season 1 worth the price of admission for this scene alone. Warning, totally NSFW.

Let me rephrase. Season 2 is fantastic compared to every other TV show out there. Compared to the other seasons of the Wire, I think it’s the weakest. Opinions differ, obviously.

Oh yes, that scene. That’s precisely the moment I said to myself “ok, pay attention, this is greatness in motion”.

Sorry for the “cop drama” :p

Just finished watching Seasons 1-4 a couple of weeks ago. Definitely one of my favorite shows ever. I’m just as excited to go through the entire series a second time as I was the first. There’s so much going on and so many characters, it will be nice to watch it again in the context of the entire story arc and catch things I’m sure I missed in the first viewing.

That scene, incidentally, was inspired by David Simon’s year with the Baltimore homicide police. One of the detectives once jokingly claimed he could break down an entire crime scene using only expletives; Simon took that and ran with it. The anecdote appears in his book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.

That book, incidentally, is a great read if you’re a fan of The Wire or Homicide (which wasn’t in the same league, but was still fantastic in places, particularly in the earlier seasons).

I’ve been watching the DVDs roughly as fast as Netflix gets them to me; now starting into the third season.

And that scene is indeed where the show cemented my love.

Okay, question time.

Yeah yeah, wise fwom yo gwave, etc. etc…

In the last three minutes of Season 2, Episode 11, “Bad Dreams”, this Greek music plays over a short montage of the Greeks plotting and laughing, then it plays MORE over the scene where Frank Sobotka meets with Nick and hears that the Greeks will offer to save Ziggy, then it plays MORE as Frank goes to meet with them some more.



It’s playing over the scenes that are leading to his death, of course.



But WHY is it playing? They NEVER have music at any other moments (except one more moment in Season 2 that was ALSO weird), so why have it here? I don’t see what it does for them that NOT having the music does just as well.

I know it’s a minor point from a moment in a show everyone’s forgotten, but my girl and I are bugged by it, big time, and I need to express my annoyance.

/pointless rant

Thank you, move along!

The one time The Wire breaks its “environmental music only” rule is for montages, and those usually appear only in the closing moments of a season. They always worked for me, in a big way. A montage without music would be… odd.