The Wire, season 1 episode 6: outside the frame

What do you show and what do you imply? What do you spell out and what do you leave to the imagination? What’s in the frame and what’s outside the frame? These are questions a filmmaker constantly answers.

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Looking forward to Tom’s reaction to front and follow.

re: McNulty being weird.

McNulty has some serious priority and boundary issues, and those scenes are hinting at that. You’ll be seeing more of it.

He is also deeply atypical in that he does not recoil from drug addicts, the poor and the marginalized in the way most middle class white Americans would. He does not consider Bubs to be dangerous at all, so he’s got no problem introducing him to his children or wife.

And also how his inability to leave the job at the office helped fuck up his marriage!

Yeah, definitely. That’s what I meant by priority issues.