The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

See video!

Not bad.

I take it the voice acting was all placeholders? “This time it aint mah fault!” :)


That was awesome.Voice-Acting is place holder I bet, not too sure about QTEs (though I don’t hate them that much and I, gasp, liked Fahrenheit), but the rest…woooohoooo giggidy giggidy.

I’m just playing through the first now, loving it so far and now really excited about this. Love seeing that he can knock people off the cliff with magic, so awesome.

I bet Tom O. did the voices. All of them.

The QTEs look bizarre because they show a mouse symbol on the screen. I guess that’s the PC version of QTEs. The voices definitely sound like placeholders. The video also says “For Internal Use only” so I’m not sure if they meant for it to leak out.

As for Witcher having it’s denizens follow daily schedules and such: Excellent! Hopefully eventually every RPG will have this, and we won’t need to rejoice at its inclusion anymore. (Although I still think Oblivion’s implementation of it was particularly shitty beyond just shopkeepers going home/upstairs to sleep).

It would be cool if we could get something like the NPCs of the Gothic games.

Yeah, the Gothic games are the gold standard for NPC behavior in RPGs right now, I think. Unless I’m forgetting a game? I think I first encountered NPCs following a daily routine in a big 3D world back in Outcast, and ever since then whenever a game comes out which doesn’t have the feature, it’s been a bit of a disappointment.

Of course there are some games where the story doesn’t warrant putting in that much work for the feature. For example, in NWN2, it would be pretty pointless to add that feature. Just the way the game is structured, and the way the story plays out, NPCs who had a daily routine would add almost nothing to the game.

I thought The Witcher was absolutely fantastic, despite its quirks, and I’m glad it did so well. I keep meaning to go back and replay it using the enhanced addition. Seeing this makes me a happy man indeed (though I can’t actually watch the video at work).

The daily schedules thing already seemed partially implemented in the first one - the NPCs certainly had a tendency to wander about if I’m remembering right, which could be infuriating but was also pretty cool.

I kind of miss those barrels.

The larger game world with the dragon hovering overhead spewing fire down at the town makes me think “Hey, my PC can’t handle that!” So I really hope this is going to be a multiplatform release this time.

Heh, its not only your pc which cant handle that, it seems that their pc also cant handle it. The framerate lowered in that scene pretty clearly.

I’d imagine the Neverwinter Nights engine didn’t come optimized out of the box able to render a scene like that.

Bah that will get sorted out, it’s alpha after all.

I don’t think there’s anything of the NWN engine left in Witcher.

Oh I’m sure we’ll still be unable to click on loot until a second or two after the fight ends.

According to the CD Projekt Red guys I talked to at E3 last year, there pretty much isn’t.

Can’t wait for the sequel, and if my PC isn’t up to spec to run it I’ll upgrade or buy a new one. The Witcher is the best new IP (game-wise…the property has been around for 16 years or so) of the decade as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully they get a console version of one of them done at some point so it can reach a wider audience.

I had to think about this one and would still give the nod to STALKER myself, though that’s not perfect either. I think we gamers are just starved for mature fantasy RPGs this decade and The Witcher stepped in to fill that void.

In addition to confirming that they are indeed working on Witcher 2, CD Projekt apparently used that movie to shop around for publishers for the game. And they say they don’t have a publisher for the game yet, so they’re not going to talk any further about the game just yet. I wish them luck.

I have a question.
Why, when I type, do I arrive to the website full of “rise of the white wolf” and all that, along with “coming to PS3 and X360” ?I think it would be about time to take that image down…and pull up Witcher 2 Bitches! instead ! (ok ok publisher first, I know…but still).