The Witcher 2 Spoiler Thread

We’re definitely going to need this. Let’s try to keep the main thread free of spoilers.

There is a dragon :P.

And mentions of Yennefer (the main “romance interest” in the original books).

So, has anyone imported a savegame with Shani as a partner? Does the game still start with Geralt in bed with Triss?

Just saw on another forum that it does.

Triss is looking a lot better in this game. Might be time to give Shani the boot. Especially since I don’t remember a damn thing about the first game.

Played for an hour. Imported a Witcher save that I finished just this morning. Have no idea what gets ported over.

I sided with the Order in my old game (kinda regretted it, but I liked Siegfried), wanted to settle down with Shani, let Abigail live, Killed Berengar and a whole bunch of others I don’t recall. As far as the prologue goes, nothing seems to have been mentioned. Still woke up in a bed next to Triss, who’s looking a hell lot better.

The whole game is incredible looking.

But the combat takes some getting used to. Might have to play with a controller instead of M&K.

The adda choice is mentioned. I found the controller to work better than mouse and keyboard.

As far as I can tell you also get the endgame equipment (Ravens/Aeronlight and gwalhir) if you import a save. However I have replaced all of it except for the silver sword already right after the prologue, because that stuff has lousy stats.

Really liking how most if not all of the signs are useful. Haven’t really played around with the mind control one yet, but aard and igni are as useful as ever. Quen is also great and to my surprise Yrden (the trap one) has made many boss battles so much easier. For instance the Aryan one. Simply throw down a trap and he presents an opening for around 6 hits, as opposed to one or two from parrying/blocking or aard.

Cameo from an ubisoft character…Gamesetwatch

Has anyone managed to get out of jail unseen?

I had trouble sneaking up on guards, so I just wiped out everyone.

So is this the first computer game with a sex scene that is not cringeworthy? You have to beat the first real real boss first and (at least on hard) he makes the witcher1 beast seem like an adorable puppy, so it was a well-deserved reward.

I have died soo many times already, I really can’t see anyone beating this on insane.

Anyone defeated the Monk inside Flotsam’s inn on Dice Poker? When I defeated him I got a message telling me to go the “Extras” menu to collect a reward but all I see there are the Credits. Do you guys know what kind of reward is that?

So incidentally, when you fight against another witcher, Aard is the business. The business that lets you actually win the damn battle. But man, the enemy witcher is an asshole.

I haven’t even made it out of the prologue but I already have a question. When the guard walks in on Triss naked, shouldn’t she have threatened to have his eyes blown out of his head like a spooky mage would say? Or does that not fit her character or the setting?

I suppose it’s something dependent on the mage’s personality. Some of them would have made the threat, others would understand the guard came carrying on the king’s order and it was only an “accident”. Just because she is a sorceress, she doesn’t have to be a bitch.

Now, Yennefer, on the other hand…

OK, I just started, and the battle (my first) with the dragon breathing down the bridge is kicking my monkey/witcher ass. No healing, no saving, so do I have to kill a dozen people without losing any healthy while dodging dragon fire? Was I supposed to do something else first? Did I play this out of order? I asked “oh, about that dragon” in the interrogation scene and it seemed like it skipped a part after I followed the king up a siege tower.

For that part you’ll want to be a few steps ahead of your cronies and the king. Rush into the tunnels/the enemies and immediately blast them with aard or lay down a Yrden or two. The best way to decide which is to look at the distance from the enemy to you. If they are closer than one “geralt-length” then go with aard, if not you can make a yrden, or even two, and still roll away in the nick of time.

By then the npcs will have caught up with you and will draw some attention.

All I have is aard. I guess I should have not gone straight to see the king in the camp? Whoops.

That is… odd. I just started playing the game 12-16 hours ago, so unless I am developing Alzheimers already I could have sworn that I had all of the signs at level 1 instantly when the tutorial popped up for the quick-select menu (L2-controller/CTRL-keyboard), I believe.

Then again, aard will work just fine.

You should have all the signs - you’ll only see Aard on the bottom left hand corner of the screen since that’s your default active sign. If you hit control, you should get a pop-up menu that will then let you switch to another sign.