The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


I do understand, I am a fellow sufferer, and for my second playthrough I cleaned every PoI.

I do not recommend it. When you get to Skellige, you will regret your decision to not resist your OCD :)


Yep, turn the ? off. You can turn them on later if you like.


Actually, that might work. Postpone my clearcutting tendencies. I’ll give it a shot.




How about if I do that for my 3rd time around? I’ll be into Sword of Destiny at some point this week…


That’s fine too, as long as you do get around to it eventually :)


I’m reading the first book in the Witcher series. Definitely makes me want to play again. Going to play again when I get my new OLED 4K HDR TV setup.


That actually sounds like a good plan. Here’s mine:

  1. One day read the books
  2. One day buy a 4K HDR TV once my old TV stops working
  3. Get an Xbox One X
  4. Play through Witcher 3 again, and this time play the two expansions for the first time.


Solid plan two thumbs up. Just make sure you don’t drop dead before that one day happens :)


Just finishing up a week in Kraków for work.

As I explored the city, I suddenly felt like I “got” Novigrad a bit more. There’s a lot about this city that reminded me of the city in the game.


@Inverarity please make sure to visit Kraków prior to your 4th playthrough.


…and I’ve begun my 2nd play through (Krakow in 2020 seems about right).

I figure 5-10 hours a week lets me finished around Christmas. I’m surprised how small White Orchard feels this time. I now realize following the logical progression of White Orchard sees you ready to fight the griffin in about 3 hours. Even so, I’ll do some side quests before moving on, but this time I won’t be over-leveled when I leave.

Also this time, I will try Gwent. And romance Triss? I dunno about that one, Yennefer is making a strong case for herself in the Sword of Destiny.

Oh, and a replay is worthwhile just to see Gaunter O’ Dimm. He is creepy as hell waiting in the tavern by himself… now that I know who he is.


Owned this for a while but just started playing it (I still have GTA5 in the shrink wrap and I bought it almost 3 years ago, that’s how long my backlog is). I am really impressed!

The music is fantastic, voice acting is top notch, and Bethesda could really learn from these guys when it comes to animations and dialogue. Game is also beautiful, love the use of lighting and the wind effects are pretty cool! Reminded me of the feeling of being in a sandstorm in Morrowind…can’t remember if Skyrim had wind effects.

Anyway, look forward to putting some time into this one, put aside ME3 which i also just started, hope to stick with it.


I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone who enjoyed Witcher actually LIKE Gwent. I hated it, really hated it from the start. But then, since it pops up every now and then and I kept playing it grudgingly, I came to a point where I realized I was really good at Gwent. In the end, I was a killer at it and don’t think I lost more than a few games in total, and suddenly I was enjoying it.
Not saying you should power through if you hate it, but casually let it be a part of it and maybe you’ll suddenly find yourself enjoying it. (Since you’re a completionist…and there are a few gwent quest-lines)


Three months ago, I decided to finish reading the series and then start a play through of all three games. For the last 2.5 months, I’ve been stalled out in Lady of the Lake as Ciri wanders through mumble, mumble… Not sure why this last book is dragging for me, but I’m finding it really hard to make any progress. The random shifts in point of view and style aren’t helping, though.

I’ve really enjoyed the other books. I guess I just need to push myself over the hump and get this one done.


There are a ton of us who enjoyed Gwent. They didn’t just decide to make it a standalone game because people weren’t enjoying it.


Absolutely, I just haven’t met them yet. And as said, I really enjoyed it after a while as well, and I have the standalone game too =)


I’ve done my best to avoid Gwent on GOG. I remember the week it hit and I am pretty sure I played one day for close to 11 hours.


I recently restarted this after getting the game of the year edition. I’ve sturned off the entire HUD and it’s actually quite playable. Whenever I have to find a location I’ll being up the map and follow the roads. It makes questing much more organic and I find myself stumbling on side quests instead of running to a point on the map. Unusually I’ll wander into a village, talk to everyone, play some Gwent, and by then I have a few quests in my journal that I’ll work on for a while. Once I finish up in a village I’ll move on to the main quest or another village. Lots of fun! The lack of a UI can get me into trouble sometimes, though, as I spent a LONG time fighting a banshee that was about 8 levels above me and I didn’t realize it until I decided to turn on the level indicators just to take a peek. Still, I’m really enjoying the no-UI play through so far.


Skyrim had excellent weather and wind effects. Remember going up the mountain through light snow, then driving snow, then the wind, etc. The same for most of us on the first visit up to the College of Winterhold.

The rain was not as dynamic, in my humble opinion, but mods have taken care of both of those really well.

I agree with you on on Witcher 3 animations, dialogue and quest stories. CD Projekt Red excelled in all of those areas.