The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

They do not. You said you just did a ritual at KM, which means you’re still in Act II.

When you have an available mission called “Final Preparations”, you’re in Act III.

And more importantly, it’s prior to the start of that mission, or even better, sometime during that mission (which is made up of 4 parts), where Hearts of Stone fits best.

But do what Trig said and be ready. First fight is a doozy!

Edit to add, you could do it now if you wanted. You don’t have to wait until Final Preparations. For me personally, doing it then really seemed to fit. Just have your level and skills ready whenever you do.

Woah. 50 million? I guess frequent sales really work.

So they went from 15-18 million at the end of 2017 to about 50 million in the middle of 2023. Probably mostly sold at a discount. They’re not shy about being part of every major Xbox sale over the last few years, for instance.

Well, it probably helps that it’s extremely well-reviewed, and has a hit TV series to tie into. That+Sale= a lot of folks saying ‘sure, I’ll give that a try’.

And there are those that may have had the original but bought the GotY edition to get the expansions (like me). But that’s no different than a lot of games, I suppose. However, it does boost that ‘copies sold’ number.

How relevant is ‘copies sold’ for digital distribution? I always treat them with a bit of skepticism because it costs next to nothing to shell out digital copies. In the days of packaged products, the sell through numbers made more sense because we knew that someone was walking off with a physical product that cost a bunch in manufacturing, shipping, etc, and it wasn’t easy getting that out there. If you sold 100,000 boxes, wow! 100,000 digital downloads? Doesn’t have the same impact.

Am I off in thinking that way?

From the perspective of the people making the game, yeah, you’re off. The digital copy - when not on sale - costs the end user same as the physical copy, but as you say, it doesn’t have the overhead of the physical packaging, so the publisher gets a lot more money from it. In addition, a digital version is always “on the shelf”, unlike a physical copy, so catalog titles that have long tails are incredibly valuable. That’s one of the reasons you see games retain their full price (or a smaller price cut) these days - you get better sales placement with a bigger discount. So you can cut it by a lot for a temporary sale but make a heap because you’re getting better placement which means more sales.

Hey folks, GOG Galaxy tells me that my version of this game is 1.32. Do I need anything later than that if I don’t have a GTX 40xx card? I have a 3060 Ti.

I try to get Galaxy to update the game and it tells me it can’t do that right now* (I suspect Galaxy needs to update itself first, but I can’t seem to get it to do that).

*“try again later.”

EDIT: turns out the way to fix it is to tell Galaxy to “verify and repair” the installation.

Yes update 4 did a whole lot of stuff on the graphics side. Although given your gpu I recommend running it in Direct X 11 mode (you’ll still get higher res textures etc.) and not DX12 as your performance will tank even on equivalent graphics settings.

Thanks for the tip about DX 11!

Well, I got the thing updated but now my mods aren’t all updated and I seem to have conflicts that I can’t resolve.

I really only want a few QoL mods like Fast Travel from anywhere, basically no weight limit for inventory, indestructible weapons, that sort of thing. Maybe an Autoloot one.

For now I’ve uninstalled all mods but I think I borked the install somehow (because the game never actually launches, although Task Manager shows it in the Details tab) and now I’m rerunning verify and repair. Fingers crossed. I guess this is why people game on console, to not deal with this stuff.

Well, crap. I uninstalled all mods, did a Verify and Repair, rebooted yadda yadda, and I can’t get the game to actually start. Tried both DX 11 and DX 12 version. Earlier yesterday the “classic” 1.32 version was working fine.

Sure hope I don’t have to reinstall. That’s a big-ass download.

If I can’t get this resolved, how does this thing run on the Series X, and what can I get the GOTY for on sale?

Question about the Xbox “Complete” physical version, BTW: by default it should work on the Series X whatever the box says, right?

Does that also mean that it will be able to d/l the current gen update for free?

Great, and like always.

You would rather buy the game on another (inferior, mod-free) platform, then redownload the game?
I guess you have some extreme data cap or something?

Nah, I ended up nuking the install and redownloading it after all. I tried a bunch of things recommended online but nothing worked.

One curious thing is that, when I told Galaxy to uninstall it, just to be cautious I checked Add/Remove Programs in Windows 10 and saw that it hadn’t uninstalled the two big DLCs nor the initial 16 free DLCs from early on.

Originally I got the game due to the purchase of a 970 video card, then got HoS and BaW much later, so that probably explains that.

Can someone 'splain decoctions to me? I’ve never used them before but recently started a NG+ and think I might give them a shot. Just curious if they’re worth it regarding toxicity and how that’ll affect gameplay.

I’d be curious about that as well.

It’s a high ratio of futzing to utility from what I remember. I think one of them boosts the amount you can carry, which is good for getting back to town when you’re overloaded, but none of the others added up to much. Increased stamina recovery at night on Tuesdays! There are probably one or two good ones in there but the UI kind of hides them as you build a long list.

Did this finally get patched up to where performance was good with all the fancy new graphics?

At 1440p with Performance RT ambient occlusion and DLSS on, my 3060 Ti gets in the mid-upper 40s FPS, which is fine.

The main problem was extreme CPU bottleneckedness with RT enabled in busy places like Novigrad, this has been mostly fixed in latest patch, with good CPU it is finally possible to get 60fps everywhere now with RT enabled.