The Witcher - The Website

Got The Witcher for Christmas and installing it now I went to get the patch. Knowing it was a waste of time, I went to the official site.


Two big buttons on the left, GET THE DEMO and GET THE PATCH, and only once your eyes pass them to you get to the rest of the site, the stuff that 95% of mankind doesn’t care about.

Thank you. Thank you.

Yep, it’s pretty rare considering the usual Flash CRAP they feed us.

I was also surprised when I quickly found the link to the patch.

Too bad it’s down now. Which is annoying, because I am trying to install the new extended patch on my original US retail copy. It keeps saying I have to register my copy online. I finally found a Register button on the autoplay from the cd, is that what I want? Making an account with it just times out, meaning I can’t install the new patch, meaning I can’t play The Witcher, meaning I am going to have to go back to Sacred 2, which is something I don’t really want to do.

Yeah it’s annoying when a game developer/publisher website has some archaic menu system for finding game updates. I also hate it when they have several updates that have to be downloaded and installed in order.

Gendal: If it doesn’t work in a couple of hours, e-mail support.

The buttons in The Witcher site takes you to an entirely different one with the real download buttons in Polish however. That threw me off for a bit.

Hey, at least they gave you the Enhanced Edition for free… that’s well worth trying to navigate their archaic menu system!

It’s been down most of the day, they have a maintenance sign up now so I assume they know it. I already have the gigabyte plus update file for the EE, it’s been sitting on my HD for months now, I just can’t install it because my original game is not activated online. Or so the EE installer claims, I never activated it online because I never had to, the original game runs fine as long as the disc is in the drive.

Finally got it installed this morning, I was heading down the right path at least, I just needed for their account registration server to come back up.