The Witness is a puzzle wrapped in a puzzle inside a puzzle


Danielle Riendeau (of Idle Weekend!) here - Tom, anytime you'd like to come on, you are more than welcome!


Just listened to the Idle Weekend episode. Great discussion, and I hope you keep making appearances; the three of you work supremely well in combination.


When you press "Esc" to bring up and dismiss the main menu, the effect is of closing/opening your eyes - complete with phosphenes. I noticed that in the first few seconds, and after leaving the starting cabana, that pretty much told me everything I needed to know about how substantial The Witness is.

If I understood your criticisms correctly, I think I'm of the same opinion: I admire The Witness immensely; I just can't stand it.


You are a joke of a site. Absolute joke. Maybe you should just give up as no one takes you seriously.


Just picked this up on the PSN sale for $20. Enjoying the challenge, love that it supports HDR