The WMD under the rosebush -- a study in what not to do

The word for that is incompetence.

Heh, when I got down to the picture, I thought “Man, that guy really looks like Kafka. What a coincidence, considering his situation.” Then pretty much the next line I read was “At this point you half expect to hear that Obeidi woke up one morning to find he’d been transformed into a giant cockroach.”
Then I thought I was pretty stupid for not assuming it was Kafka in the first place.

God damn. We seriously suck. Bush and his cronies did a fine job prosecuting the military part of the war, but every other part–prewar diplomacy, postwar cleanup, etc.–has been a complete and utter mess. The next election can’t come soon enough.

Yo, the columns on that page are too wide for my 320 x 240 web browser. He needs to dial it down from 30 characters per row to like 10, then it’ll look all spiffy on my Vic-20.

(And as for the use of ‘Yo’ in a sentence - I just saw Coolio doing a cameo on ‘Beat the Geeks’ - so sue me…)

I never noticed before, but the page has been slowly decreasing in width since he started it.

Wait! You forgot! Jason has conclusively proven that Bush has fooled the majority of the electorate. The next election isn’t going to help you at all!