The World Ends with you (NDS)

It’s an action RPG from Square Enix taking place in a modern setting, I think it’s made by the Kingdom hearts chain of memories team. I’ve been following previews of this since a NP article a few months ago. Game lets you alter the difficulty on the fly and higher levels gives you a chance of getting better items. Combat takes place on both screens and you can control two fights at once. There is also a feature that you can earn exp for you characters by not playing for a few hours.

1up and Ign both gave a good score for the game, only thing thats holding me back is the price. $40 for a new DS title seems abit pricy to me. Anyone else interested in this?

Yes, but my preorder won’t arrive until next week. :)

Edit: If anyone’s registered with , they’ve posted an interview with the game’s designers there, along with some other tie-in materials, like a comic strip, selections from the game’s soundtrack, etc.

Zippers, zippers everywhere…

It looks neat, and supposedly has some rather cheesy voice acting, and a really good soundtrack. It’s out in Europe, and impressions people have had are good. I’ll probably pick it up.

This sounds like it should be the name of a Bond movie.

Seriously. I came in expecting some sort of new Bond game for the DS, that must have risen above some crap release to be even talked about here.

I was coming into this thread to say just that.

Only in the very early stages of playing this, but I like it so far. Have no idea where the story is heading, and the text based dialogue hasn’t yet made me want to kill my DS. I may have actually laughed at one point…

I’m craptacular at the dual screen combat, so praise be for the auto play options that simplify it, though I’m determined to get the hang of it eventually.

Also, just randomly, I love the fact that you have to have a sufficiently high ‘Bravery’ score before you can wear certain items in public.

There’s a lot more to TWEWY that I don’t understand yet, but I’m looking forward to figuring it out.

Just got mine yesterday. It’s definitely not a cookie-cutter game, even as an “action RPG”. I’m still in the early tutorials, trying to make sense of things and not showing much finesse in combat yet. :)

The combat is just strange. Not bad, but strange.

Also, the music is awesome.

Ordered my copy yesterday with credit from an online store, hopefully I’ll get it earlier then Baroque at this point. One question about combat, do you control the movement of your characters at all, or just how and when they attack? I couldn’t really tell from watching videos on its home page.

I’m about 5-6 hours in, and I really dig it. It keeps opening new things to play with, and I’m finally wrapping my head around combat. Combat is actually extremely well designed. It’s unlike any game I’ve ever played before, RPG or otherwise, and makes fantastic use of the dual screens.

On the other hand, NEVER PUT MUSIC WITH LYRICS IN AN RPG. The music is good, but it’s driving me absolutely apeshit at this point.



Is there an option to turn the music off? I’m thinking of picking this up, but I turn the music off in all my games…


The top character stands in one place and eventually learns how to jump with the d-pad. Attacks are initiated by pressing left or right.

The bottom character is moved with the stylus by clicking on him and dragging around to where you want him to go. If you drag far and fast enough, he does a sort of dodging dash move. His attacks vary greatly depending on the pins you have selected: you may have to poke, prod, slash, drag, and/or scratch and more for the various attacks.

I have a volume slider on my DS :)

The title of this game sounds like it belongs to a James Bond story. That is all.

Um… Ok. Let me rephrase that…


Is there an option to turn (just the) the music off? I’m thinking of picking this up, but I turn the music off in all my games…


It’s pretty fun, I’m surprised I haven’t poked a hole through my ds yet with all the prodding/poking/slashing… I always just go leftleftleft or rightrightright with the top character… i just did about 30mins of play, and died… oops forgot to save… arrrgghh

Mink, there isn’t a music volume slider. Like it or not, World Ends is a game played to J-pop. Personally, I think it works, and I’m the kind of guy who always makes a beeline for the BGM slider.

FWIW, you can get different CDs as you play, so you can change the music if you don’t like a given tune.


P.S. I am in lurv with this game. If you liked Phantom Dust and figured it would have been cool as a full-fledge Pokemon style RPG, then you need a DS and a copy of The World Ends With You.

The Omikron soundtrack would beg to differ, sir!

Ugh, that drove me nuts too. And I think the Omikron soundtrack is one of the best game soundtracks ever.

Persona 3 does the same thing.

Don’t get me wrong though, the game is absolutely fantastic. I just wish I could get SAME SONG SAME TONE OF YOUR VOICE I WILL FORROW YOU MY DEEEESSTINNY out of my fucking head.