The World Ends with you (NDS)

Local Gamestop: Sold Out. With both of the folks behind the counter telling me how awesome it is to boot. Maybe I’ll find it at a different store tomorrow…

I was hesitant about getting it, but if the biggest problem is the j pop, well, Ouendan and P3 have made it clear that is no obstacle for me.

One more damn DS game that I won’t play until I travel somewhere. Oh well.

Ah well, I can handle a little J-pop if the game is superfine…

Thanks Tom. I’m flying down to Houston in a few weeks, so it sounds like I’ll be picking this up just for the trip.


I’m equally allergic to in-game music - Super Mario Galaxy almost drove me nuts - and I’d love to be able to turn it off in TWEWY but I’ve found that I’m so distracted by the ever-expanding gameplay that it doesn’t really matter. If I could turn off the music, it’d be a 9.5/10. With music it’s a 9.

Game arrived yesterday, I’m still trying to get used to watching 2 screens at once during combat. During combat am I supposed to be attacking with both characters at the same time, or should I stick to focusing on the person with the light puck?Also does bravery increase on it’s own, or is the only way to eat food? And does anyone know what the information means on the “tin pin” info page in the pin menu?

You eventually unlock a multiplayer game called Tin Pin. I’m not sure yet, but it appears that you might be able to play it in-game as well.

In the beginning, leave the top partner on auto. You can override her at any time.

Eventually, you’ll be fighting with both. It’s tricky, but it’s a great system once you learn it.

How could you say that, it was awesome in Blue Dragon

Oh dear god. How many times does that song play throughout the game?

I love the way jpop is used in the game. The game is all about the feeling of being in Shibuya and I think the music goes a long way in taking you to a different place.

Square games unerringly take style over substance, but rarely has there been so much substance. With the frenetic combat system with touch screen input, a crazy fashion-based equipment system (that requires bravery to wear certain items!), food that you have to battle in order to digest, and the overwhelming eight pages of help text that show up whenever a new menu is unlocked, there is no question this is a complicated game. I’m happy that to find a Square game where the complexity is not bound to the silly emo-amnesia story, but shows up in the interactive elements as well.

Food you have to battle to digest? That sounds too much like some evil leftovers we had earlier this week… and we lost. The rest of it sounds great though. Just what I needed – another “get this soon!” game for my list…

Please tell me that the game is longer than it appears. I’m already on day 5 and i’ve only played for a few hours.

Ok, yeah, that was pretty unclear.

Your food digests during battles and when you complete digestion (fighting x number of times after eating some food) the food will provide a stat bonus, such as improving your attack, defense, bravery, or hit points. This system is one of the weirdest I’ve seen to encourage grinding.

Has anyone consistently gotten higher than E ratings in combat? I’m on day 5 as well and I might just totally suck at the game from the grades I’ve been getting. For those ahead of me, should I care about this? (I’m playing on the highest difficulty I have access to (normal) and with manual control of my partner.)

WHY THE HELL IS THIS GAME 42 dollars?!! No hand-held should be more than 29.00 and that’s pushing it. I want to play this but I will wait till it drops.

I doubt it will drop. DS games rarely drop in price, most simply go out of print. You might be able to find it used or on, but I highly doubt you’ll ever see the game marked down online or in a store.

As for the price evaluation, I think there are a many DS games worth more than $30 (Shiren, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Pokemans, Prof. Layton, Advance Wars) and, to me, TWEWY is worth the price so far.

Yeah, there’s a tremendous amount of game in World Ends. I’m not surprised at the high-end price.

As for the battles, I know I’m seeing a fair number of Ds and I might have even gotten a C or two. I wonder if chaining is helping with the bonus for multiple rounds. I suspect it matters where you put the level gauge, because I obviously do better when I don’t have it cranked down for pin drops.

But it certainly helps that I’m getting down the rhythm of following the light puck between screens. I’ve gotten comfortable with a couple of Neku’s pins, so I’m not frantically stabbing the screen so much. This has freed up some attention to learn how to fight with Shiki.

Who’s totally adorable, BTW! I don’t think I’ve ever been as entertained by a JRPG cutscene as I was when she demanded that Neku take off his pants. :)




ok, it appears that there’s much more to the game than the first 7 days. Whew.

I’ve gotten farther and I’m at day 5 as well. So far my favorite pin combos are close range slash attacks, with that ice pillar attack to nuke a group. A few more questions, the pins that cause defense down and attack down, do they stack? Meaning if I have both on will enemies suffer both effects or only the lower one on my list? And the first time you fight a boss, will they drop any pins? I have my level set so I have a +4 drop rate for any fight, but none of the bosses have dropped anything. Lastly what does it mean when an equipped item will change the combo tree into a club, or a spear , or etc?

My only complaint so far , is I wish you could see what your wearing when your shopping for clothes, so I don’t buy something that is worse then what I have on. One thing I learned the hard way is if your going to use pins that have similar activation methods, it’s better to use the sub menu system then risk hitting the wrong one when you need it. I also love how you can earn PP without playing ,it’s great when you want to level up pins that you haven’t used in awhile.