The world's shortest Obama photoessay

These are two pictures from GAF that I’ve combined into a photoessay that I’ve entitled “Hold On A Sec.” I hope you like it.

Nice, but wish there were more frames.

Someone needs to photoshop katanas into their hands.

damn, I’d emptyquote this if I could

The nameless Ronin has him right in the shoulder!

Alternate title: MY MAN!

Is that Tom Chick?

Looks more like Tom Green to me.

Which one?

He’s a very photogenic guy.

Someone needs to photoshop the tongue-sticking-out McCain head onto the pumpkin, imo.

That’s a pumpkin? I thought it was a basketball at first. I had to do a double take. That’s one perfect pumpkin.


Yep, he picked it up in Iowa for his daughters. He’s taking 3 hours off this evening to celebrate Halloween with them.

Also, Rob, is it wrong that I imagine Obama keeping that in a box and talking to it occasionally like Al Swearengen?


That is all.

I love you.

Only if it talks back.

+1 <3 for Rob