The worst place to save

So I’m playing Icewind Dale tonight (yeah, I’m behind the times) and I’m deep in the Trials of the Luremaster. I’ve been relying on the autosave function which saves the game whenever you go to a new area, basically because whenever I go into a new area it’s generally a clusterfuck of pain and death.

I go into a new area and it’s crammed full of harpies that not only sing and scare you into submission, but Infernal Harpies that shoot fire and lasers and shit (and they have bad attitudes). My wizard is carrying a cursed dagger that gives you 100% immunity to cold, but -50% resistance to fire. He gets scorched in round two and is toast.

The fighters have made chokepoints behind which the harpies are crowding (from two different directions) and I swear to god there are like 40 badass harpies. The thief is out of arrows. The cleric does a true res on the mage (alive and with all hp), and the druid summons a bunch of ogres for cannon fodder.

The 10 ogres are immediately paralyzed with fear from harpy song, the mage is back up, naked, and can’t get past all the ogres to get his stuff. His stuff is also very close to the way out (can you see where this is going?)

My fighters go down the same round the cleric and druid get scorched to death. If I can get the wizard’s stuff he’s got an ice storm which might actually whittle them down enough to survive the battle. I’m trying to maneuver him around the stupid ogres while the thief fights a rearguard action. The thief goes down as my wizard makes it past the ogres towards his stuff and the door out…

The screen goes dark as it says, “Saving game”

My wizard leaves the room, is the only surviving party member, and he’s naked. The game is saved, and the previous autosave is overwritten, just as he’s leaving the room of pain and suffering. I can try to take on 40 harpies with a naked wizard or I can kiss three hours of playing goodbye and go back to my previous save. Argh.

Well, at least I saved it after I killed the Beholders.

God, I’ve done that more times than I care to think about. I’ve been ready to tear my hair out in frustration on a number of occasions. FPS’s usually get me the worst though. I’ll not be paying attention after I’ve just been killed and being anxious to get back into action I’ll punch the save key instead of the load key, and suddenly I’ve got a nice saved game of being dead!

You were relying on Auto-save? Rookie mistake, man. Quick-save is where it’s at.

and when that gets corrupt… ya break out the start of the chapter save, the pre-quest save, or the mid-mission save.

Cheat codes are made for moments like this. and if that fails, just grab the save game editor, make your wizard into a lvl 39 bad ass mofo and kick some harpy butt.

I once hit quick-save instead of quick-load when falling into a chasm. I was actually too impatient to even wait to die before quick-loading. Thankfully it was in Half_life, king of the handy autosave function.

Dean, my sympathies.

I suppose it turned out fine in the long run. My previous save is before you get trapped in the dungeon of no more resting fighting the blobbies that can only be affected by fire.

Last time the only thing I had to fight them with was one sword which had a 50% chance of doing 1-6 fire damage. All my fire spells were distant memories. It took a looo-oong time to kill all the blobbies.

So now I’m going in packing heat.

Of course, part of the satisfaction of the game was getting through stuff without the previous knowledge of what was coming up. Eh, when you die, you reload with a bit of foresight.

That is about the funniest RPG gaff I’ve read about in years.

This warrants a Derekism


(Rolling on the floor really fucking laughing my fucking ass off)

I am a save game freak. Typically throughout the course of an RPG I might save 100 times. (Not counting quicksaves!) Torment I think came out at about 110 saves.

Sometimes I will save 10 or 20 times per mission in RTS games. You can’t save too often, in my book.

Why? Let’s just say I like to make forward progress in my games :-)

I’m actually a save freak by inclination too. However, my experience with the Wing Commander branching campaign always makes me willing to try the losing path.

Of course, no games have branching campaigns anymore… so…

[edit]Wow, no, I had absolutely no idea this time-honored philosophical debate (read: flame war) was going on in this thread already.[/edit]

Actually an interesting thing happened tonight. I had just finished a big battle and tried to dutifully save. I got, “You can’t save here.” I know they don’t let you save in the middle of a battle, but all the baddies were dead.

I think it was because my cloudkill and grabby thorns spells were still active. There were no more badguys lurking, and a bit later when the spells were gone I could save just fine.

I think the IE games have save files that are pretty large so I pretty much limit myself to ten or so and rotate through them. I might normally go hours without saving and rely on the autosave, but now, even though it breaks the immersion, I’m saving much more regularly.

You sir, are an amateur.

Let me explain. I use a naming convention with my saves…they all start with a “number.” The first is “AA” then “AB” etc, up to “AZ” then “BA”. You get the idea.

I save CONSTANTLY. I spend more time saving than I do playing.

In Gothic, I was up to LM when I lost interest. That’s 325 saves.

I was half done.

Yeah, the ID/BG series doesn’t let you save when spell effects are still active. This sucks when you have an entangle running that will take 10 minutes to quit.

Quicksave? Autosave? Are you guys insane? You make you own save points with different and hopefully helpfully descriptive names, and a “working” save point to save over for checkpointing, and THEN you use quicksave and autosave.

Remember kids, save games can save lives!

Yep - I save at the start of a level, use quicksave throughout and anytime I defeat a really hard battle as well.