The worst thing you'll see all week: Area 407

Title The worst thing you'll see all week: Area 407
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When May 1, 2012

The premise of Area 407, yet another found footage movie, is that a bunch of actors who are really bad at improvisation do a lot of improvisation (i.e..

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I will be watching this sometime this week. I have added some of the movies you actually recommend to my que already but this will be the first I watch.

Wait, wait, I don't think I've gotten the point across very well...

Seriously, there are far better found footage movies to watch. Check out Grave Encounters. Or if you want to see a moderately interesting take on airplane horror, see Quarantine 2: The Terminal. Or watch Lake Mungo if you haven't seen it yet. But don't make the same mistake as me by watching Area 407!

Seriously if in reading your review of Area 407, Nic thinks you liked it and that he should watch it... well leave him to it. He'll probably enjoy it.

I know it's not going to be good. It's kinda the point sometimes.

I love the term "camera shy velociraptors" so much.