The worst thing you'll see all week: Black Rock

Title The worst thing you'll see all week: Black Rock
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When June 16, 2013

Ever wonder what kind of horror movie Mark Duplass would write? Frankly, me either. But the answer to that question is Black Rock, directed by and starring Katie Aselton, who has worked with Duplass in quirky indie comedy fare like The League and Puffy Chair..

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The Dupluss Brothers did that indie movie Baghead a while back. About how friendships and a love triangle intersect a fear of masked murders/intruders.

I was on a Greta Gerwig, indie movie rampage when I watched that movie though, but I remember liking how it was somewhat thoughtful and sincere but not really all that deep.

Ah, right, I believe I actually saw that before I had any idea who the Duplass' were. Wait, Greta Gerwig was in that? Sheesh, I obviously wasn't pay close enough attention.

"Plenty of horror [movies] include"

I like some of the Duplass's work, Your Sister's Sister, Humpday, Baghead, Cyrus, and The League. But then he does stuff like Jeff Who Lives At Home and Blackrock and I wonder if the movies I liked were actually good or if someone slipped me molly while I was watching them. His role in Greenberg might be my favorite. He plays condescending so well.

You know that shit just dries out your lips.

I'm confused are you going to vet school or regular medical school?

Ivan might be my favorite character from Greenberg.