The worst thing you'll see all week: The Mandalorian

Title The worst thing you'll see all week: The Mandalorian
Author Tom Chick
Posted in TV reviews
When November 12, 2019

Disney's new streaming service launched today, pumping directly into your home the debut episode of The Mandalorian. Disney knows the three rules of competing streaming services are content, content, content..

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The moment in the last trailer that made me do an “uh oh”, was when they showed a bunch of people (presumably bounties)… encased in carbonite. DO YOU REMEMBER HAN BEING FROZEN IN CARBONITE, FANBOYS?

Nevermind that freezing Han in carbonite was Vader just using the industrial tools available to him on Bespin, and Han was literally the test to see if a person could survive the process - now it’s just a thing bounty hunters do! Everyone has carbonite rigs! It’s the kind of plot point RedLetterMedia would sarcastically come up with in a prediction video.

I’ve not watched this yet, and I probably will at some point, but man I just want new Star Wars stuff that doesn’t endlessly feel like it needs to reference the bloody original trilogy.

That’s not even the half of it! Apparently, the carbonite freezing equipment, which used to be a whole big room with a pit and all – industrial, as you say – is now a small alcove or something. It wasn’t clear how it worked because of the editing, but it’s a super-portable doodad along the lines of a microwave oven. Ding! Your bounty is ready!


Even better - in that same scene, they name drop Life Day.

I was not very interested in this show outside of the hope that I will be able to soon buy some Werner Herzog and Bill Burr action figures. Please tell me I can buy some Werner Herzog and Bill Burr action figures

Oh man, why they still using the same ships, doesn’t tech improve in this universe?

Oh man, why did the freezing tech improve?

Pfft, I found it enjoyable. But I’m not a die hard Trekkie or anything.

Don’t say that. Some people are really into the sci fi stuff and will argue for hours how that armor will be a liability when he faces Magneto.

Wow, that was a depressing review. I am still curious to watch it, but I will wait for full season.

I have to disagree, space helmets made star wars what it is. How cool were the shiny white troopers? And Vader and his helmet. And then came Boba Fett with his version. Star wars is all about the helmets. So, where can I watch The Mandalorian? Disney channel?

It’s perfect. The succession is safe. I am happy now.

Throughout the whole Nick Nolte pig-man stuff, I thought, “You have a ship. Can’t you just fly there?”

I am not sure about Werner Herzog, what is it with him? I like his work as a director, but I don’t see him as a good actor.

Yeah, gotta disagree with the review here. I mean, the first episode wasn’t great - I thought it was good - but it certainly wasn’t the worst thing you’ll see all week.

If you hoped for some of Pedro Pascal’s charm, which is why I tuned in, you’ll be disappointed to discover that a Mandalorian is apparently just a helmet.

Pascal in Prospect was going to be my reason for watching The Mandalorian. Ah, well.

I haven’t watched this yet - haven’t decided if I’m ready to pay for Disney+ yet, I guess - but just out of curiosity Tom, did you have the same problem with Dredd keeping Karl Urban under his helmet for the entire runtime?

Look, the man can really emote with that chin.

Oh I really love you guys. It just felt like “hey star wars fans like this and this and this let’s add all that for no other reason”.The carbonite thing, which again just takes awesome things the characters of the original film did and makes them less cool. Fett was worried Solo would die when vader decided to use some carbonite freezing room on a living thing. THAT’S AWESOME. Same with the most of the background aliens. Throw a jawa in. Throw in the door knocker from Jabba’s palace that now all doors have. Also, the frame just feels empty. It really pulled me out of the show. The shot composition is just off. I suspect that the show will get better and that will change.

And the ending! The ending breaks the cardinal rule of all tv-shows. Let’s hope that’s just a write off in the next episode.

Is that the name of a character or a holiday?