The Xbox One X - Project Scorpio lives and I am a dumbass for thinking it would be the Xbox 10 S


Default control scheme on Goldeneye wasn’t the twin-stick/mouselook + WASD approximation though. Analog stick aimed left/right, moved forward/backward. C-buttons aimed up/down, strafe left/right. It wasn’t one stick for movement and one stick for aiming the way we’re all accustomed to now. It was an abomination.

Turok was c-buttons for all movement, analog stick for all aiming, as god intended!

I’m not seriously trying to contribute to the debate here, just being pedantic about a thing that mattered a lot to me at the time.


True, but no one I knew ever used the default control scheme. We all used Control C or 3 or whatever it was called. It was the third option, and it had C-buttons for all movement, and analog stick for aiming.


Well, it’s not really that great. I mean I liked it, it’s basically Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance in the Fallout universe. And just like Dark Alliance kind of bastardized the Baldur’s Gate experience down to a simple hack’n’slash, Brotherhood of Steel pretty much does the same for Fallout. Not that it’s awful, it has its own charm, just pays to have proper expectations.


That game was awesome. The Indiana Jones game from the same dev was even better. Nothing quite like kneeing a Nazi in the jewels and then tossing him off of a cliff.


I’ve never heard of these games either. Also, does the Switch come with a stylus?


DS didn’t have any analog controls. That would wait for 3DS which only had one. Until the New 3DS which finally made dual analog the standard last year.



Amazon UK has Scorpio edition pre-orders available.


Looks like they’re talking a bit about what the X will be able to do for (some) 360 backward compatible games:

Stuff like “10-bit color depth” and “nine times the on screen pixels” probably gives folks like @stusser a boner but doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. I’ll give it a look when the time comes though.


I’m watching the X ad campaign ramp up and, once again, MS marketing disappoints.


Jeez, let’s just retire that Kanye song already.


It’s the new “Hey Man, Nice Shot”


I love that part of the cuts between all the games showing their performance included a scene from minecraft.


Contrast this with Sony’s Greatness Awaits commercials.

MS needs a new ad company.


That Pubg shot also another example. I get it’s a popular game, but absolutely nothing about that screams “I need a $500 high-end console”.


8 bit color = Only 256 colors on-screen at any time. Think original VGA. I’m kinda shocked that the OG Xbox only supported 8bit color. Is that actually true?

9 times the on-screen pixels = Much higher resolution. This is a huge deal, the OG Xbox was SD for most games, 640x480p resolution. The Xbone will natively render those same games at 1920x1080p, and maybe higher on the XboneX. So they’ll look razor-sharp. Still low-res textures, but the polygons will be high definition.


I’m probably opening a can of worms I’m not prepared to process, but let me ask: does the 10 bit color depth really help with backward compatible games if those games were designed to only utilize 8? I mean the console can’t just conjure up all those extra colors from nowhere right?


The games wouldn’t use those colors unless they’re changed to do so. Question is if the Xbone OGXbox layer is actually a straight-up emulator or if they ship updated executables; in effect actually changing the code. That would be a ton of work and they could only really do it for first-party titles anyway.


Guess we’ll fine out tomorrow, maybe.


They talk about “unlocking” 10-bit color which could be like unlocking the front door but not walking through it. They’re “adding” HDR, but there are ways to do that programmatically without changing the game. They just don’t look as good.

I would expect the games to run at 60fps and 1080p resolution, which equates to a huge gameplay improvement. Maybe they’ll add anti-aliasing and anistropic filtering too. “Unlocking” colors and HDR probably won’t mean much to old games.


Not to be pedantic, but just so we’re straight - there’s two different kinds of emulation we’re discussing here. We’ve got the addition of OG Xbox back compat, and then the “improved” 360 backward compatability that will be available on the new X console. This may not be confusing you, maybe it’s just me forgetting which thread I’m in sometimes.