The XBOX One


EDF 5 is a PS4 exclusive at this point.


Exactly, and I don’t own a PS4. And the PC doesn’t allow for couch co-op, which is the primary reason I love the EDF series.


Looks like we’ve got a couple more coming to gamepass:

Doom 2016 - August 10th
Graveyard Keeper - August 15th

Looking forward to both of them!

Forza Horizon 2’s Storm Island & car pass are on sale now if anyone wanted them. Life is Strange Beyond the Storm is also pretty cheap, $6.80 USD.


Awesome. I’ve yet to play Doom. This will be the perfect opportunity.


I realize nobody is as interested in achievements and Gamerscore as I am, but this is still an amusing story -


How many " Movies Anywhere has arrived!" emails did you get?

I got 7.


Well, I’ve played Late Shift through twice now. I’ve made very different choices in the game and, even though the game tells me I’ve now seen 2/7 endings (seen 12/14 chapters in both playthroughs and made 60 and 52 choices respectively), the final scene and what happened to the protagonists by the end of the story was still exactly the same. That was disappointing.

It was interesting to see the story take a different path to get there. And I think I can see a way to possibly maybe end on a different note. Possibly maybe.

But here is the thing. a playthrough takes around 60-70’. And now I’ve seen 2 variations of the journey to get to the end, I expect subsequent playthroughs would start reusing a lot of scenes. Do I really want to essentially watch the same interactive movie a 3rd time making about a choice a minute just to try and influence the end?

I like the main actor. I think the game is worth playing through once at least to see where your choices and your story takes you (I expect where I got to). But there isn’t that much to it. Different choices lead to different achievements though. Just sayin’…

Oh, and on a technical note, the regular XBox One (not S, not X), stutters for a second or 2 every time it chains video paths. I got a slightly distracting stutter every couple of minutes or so. Could be the S / X handle that more seamlessly than the launch model I was using to play.


I finally gave Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter a try yesterday. What’s up with this game? It feels like a collection of mini games more than an adventure game. Lock pick this, play the chimney sweep there, shine shoes, point and click in the lab … A couple are okay but, on the whole, I’m glad they’re skippable.

Then there is also a tail the suspect sequence which is acceptable in the context. The cherry on the cake though is the one where I’m stuck now: a chase sequence. Say what? Definitely not what I play Sherlock Holmes for. And that one doesn’t seem skippable.

Not sure how many times I’ll fancy trying (long load times on console don’t help) it before I shelve the game. I’m disappointed. I was looking forward to a good story.


Deals with gold has star wars battlefront 2 for $9



New “Phantom Black” XB1 controller is up for pre-order. I might talk myself into getting this as I need a controller with Bluetooth for the Steam Link.


I loved those tomb raider games



For someone else though, not me. Those are precisely the two Tomb Raider games I already finished last generation. The one I haven’t played is the third one in this “trilogy”, Underworld, and that one became backwards compatible in Summer of 2017.


Is the Bluetooth the only thing that’s different about it?


That’s not new, the only thing new about the Phantom Black is how it looks (not to say it doesn’t look good). I think around the time of the Xbox One S all their Xbox One controllers started including Bluetooth and they changed the headphone jack.

They still sell some from before the switch, you can tell when you’re looking at them quickly by seeing if it says they’re compatible with Windows 10.


Thanks Wholly! I guess I do have a Bluetooth one since I did a Design Lab controller. So the whole thing is the translucent black plastic and such. Got it!


Anyone having issues logging into their account? Barely used the thing in 2 years, bought a new game for it, but now I can’t play it. (I need to log in for Diablo 3).

There is a thread on reddit about it, so I am not the only one at least.


No issues here.


That’s odd that is working for some people. I checked my logon using a PC and my account is fine.


I’m in the same boat. Running a network test gets a message that there is a problem with Xbox Live Core Services.