The XBOX One


I think I got Torment from Best Buy about 2 weeks ago on clearance, was $10.


Yep me too! It came with a map.


Ooooooh! Nice find! I wants it!


To be fair, when the X1 port came out, they give it away free to all 360 Bastion owners. That’s how I got my copy. But obviously, that was a temporary thing, for about a week or a month.


Hot damn! Amazon Prime music finally made it to Xbox One… but the damn app won’t install and keeps erroring out.

Hope it gets working soon, I’ve got a great collection there.


Crap. I just went and looked and it’s $20. Then I had a thought to check Amazon and there was a new copy for $13. It’ll be here Monday, and I get a credit for $5 for Amazon Whole Foods Prime Now something something that I’ll probably never use. I’m fine with that.

Just had an interest in the setting again recently, and was hoping the game would be on sale for the holidays. Hey, now I own 2 Xbone games on disk!


Whoa, just noticed that the Return to Asylum bundle with Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is going for $5 in this sale! Is this a good remaster? That’s almost giving it away!


Digital Foundry said it was the worst Xbox One X enhanced game, since it enhanced diddly squat.

But yeah, I’m tempted too. I was tempted at $10 on the last few sales, but at $5, it’s almost like “well, I’ll have it in my library in case I ever get the temptation to replay these games”.


I’ve been holding out hope that the 360 versions would go back compat like they did with Origins, but maybe they’re holding out so as not to cannibalize sales of this remaster. But yeah, at $5 I’m pretty much ready to say screw it, why not.


It plays decently enough, but I think it looked better on pc.


Looks like we’ve got our December Games with Gold reveal and, look at that! Our very first original Xbox game!


The original Mercenaries? Interesting. I don’t remember much buzz about that one, only its sequel.

I’m glad I’m getting Dragon Age II so I don’t have to put in the disc. Of course, this means the $10 I spent on the disc last year was wasted money. Still, the convenience of not needing a disc is very cool.

I already own and played through Never Alone. Great native Alaskan folk tale told as a game. Never heard of Qube 2.


I just noticed Agents of Mayhem showed up on Game Pass. I’ve occasionally thought about grabbing it on sale given its fans around here. Nice to be able to check it out.


It’s an enjoyable puzzle game. Think Portal-like environmental puzzles, but using coloured cubes with different effects.

Without having played the first one (which was, I believe, a student project and rougher around the edges), you lose some of the story background. But the game stands on its own merit and I would very likely have enjoyed it as much without knowing the original story.

All in all, I think it’s a very nice addition to GwG.


What do you mean first original Xbox game? Xbox came out in 2001, this game came out a few years later, I think. Or do you mean first original Xbox BC game? Because they’ve released over 25 Xbox games on BC so far…


None of the above. I mean that we have our first original Xbox game released as a Games with Gold option.


I guess that brings up the question: Will this game be permanently added to our accounts, like 360 games, ours forever even after Gold expires. Or will be like Xbox One games and PS+ games, that are only “yours” while you have an active Gold subscription?


My understanding is that the Xbox One’s architecture is set up in that it allows granting of a temporary license for its games, so for the duration of your membership on Live. But the 360 and OG Xbox were not built that way, and so they can only be given away completely. So I would expect you’ll keep old Xbox games, just like 360 games, though I could be wrong.


Doh! I totally missed that it was a GWG - just thought it had been a new BC release. That is pretty cool.
But they should have kept the two 360 releases and just added one original Xbox release. Ok, I’m being greedy.

Never heard of the Xbox One titles.


I know Mutant Year Zero was already announced for Game Pass, but Strange Brigade is also coming a couple of days later and I can’t remember anything about that.