The XBOX One

Same routine with PC game pass:

Below - uninstall
Descenders - uninstall
Ryse - uninstall
Batman: Arkham Knight - uninstall, might play on PC one day
Ashen - uninstall, 30 fps
Sky Force Reloaded - what the hell, I’m addicted to this grindy shoot 'em up!

I still have to try Outer Wilds. So that plus a crappy shmup are the only console-exclusives I’d maybe bother playing out of Xbox Game Pass. PC looks more promising.

Outer Wilds is on the XBox store? I wonder if that means the PC version is incoming too. After Metro, Phoenix Point and Outer Worlds, Epic have gone from central to irrelevant for me in about 3 fateful seconds. Outer Wilds would be another little nail in the coffin.

LOL I’m also hooked on this shortly after subbing Game Pass. In theory it’s a short game because each run takes 8-10 minutes, but I spent an hour+ yesterday grinding 1 level to get the no-damage star. That’s almost 1/2 the daily play time!

This is unsurprising. The game really has a horrible start. It starts you off without any context in the middle of a battle. And it’s all so rote-looking and boring. And then they flash back and show your family, and that’s boring stuff too. And then they flash back and actually show you going as a Roman Legionnaire to conquer England and it’s barbarian tribes, and that’s where the game started getting its hooks in me finally.

By the end of the game, I really loved it. But honestly if I hadn’t played it close to the Xbox launch, when there wasn’t much else to play, I would never have made it that far. I still am glad that I did. But man, that game really wastes your time with crap at the start.

Man, I completely forgot about Ryse. I remember it actually looking pretty decent visually, but that it was also very closed off and linear as a result.

I really liked Ryse, but the fact that it didn’t overstay it’s welcome and was only a 5-6 hour game helped that opinion.

Agreed about Ryse. Pleasantly surprised as the game went on. It took me years to finish after the first few areas were… disappointing. Visually stunning, but not much else. I only tried it again because I wanted to uninstall something for space.

Gamepass people, there’s a new quest thing in the MS rewards app. Complete 10 achievements in a select game (~10 on the list) this week for 1,000 points. Did it in Moonlighter in a few hours. MS gift cards are also on sale.

and go download Supermarket Shriek. It’s

Huzzah, my XB1X came. Got it set up and downloading a bunch of games so it’s all ready while I work.

The rough controller grips feel weird after using 360 controllers for so long, but I don’t hate it (just different).

I found the looseness on the joystick “throw” tough to adjust to after playing the 360 controllers for years but I’ve come to appreciate it.

Just a heads up. I registered my device I got from this deal, and while so far it works fine and seems to be in good condition Microsoft’s site says the warranty expires 11/10/2019. So I only get ~5 months warranty (which is probably fine and probably to be expected from an ebay buy). The game code that came with it did work.

New Game Pass releases announced:

Note though that Torment is for PC Game Pass only.

What Xbox owner doesn’t own Rare Replay by now? Hmmm, giving that some thought, possibly the ones that bought the console more recently actually, like KallDrexx.

Looking forward to trying Resident Evil Revelations. I think Tom had a review that made me curious about it (though I could be thinking of Revelations 2).

Yeah, if I recall correctly that was given as a mixpot prize during one of the presentations. I know I didn’t buy it, but I do own it.

Yeah, it’s both for me. I own the disc version, which I bought at launch, and then it was given away at the mixpot, so I don’t need the disc anymore.

I need to find a guide on which of the old weird colored Rare games from the ancient days are still worth playing today. I tried a handful of them when I first bought the game. They seemed nice enough, but probably not worth my time. I do love their 360-era games in that collection, but I’ve already played through them.

Oh shit, I just remembered they X enhanced Viva Pinata last week! I gotta go play that!

I can’t remember, is Nuts and Bolts part of the Rare Replay package? That was pretty fun.

Here’s a nice guide. I’ll probably use it to revisit some of these older games. I really need to try out Blast Corps.

Jesus so many games to play now between PC and XB. What have I done…

I ask myself that every time I buy a new game (which has been several times a month, lately). But Gamepass takes this to a whole other level.

The upside is when games I’ve bought that I have not installed/played yet show up on GP, I can install and not worry about fussing with discs and it forces me to - oh, I should stop lying, I still don’t end up playing them with the backlog I have…

Didn’t have Rare Replay, so that’s cool. I’m sure there are a couple of games worth visiting/revisiting there.

Looks like we have a few Game Pass departures this month as well:

  • Next Up Hero (June 27)
  • Dead Island Definitive Edition (June 30)
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (June 30)
  • Shadow Complex Remastered (June 30)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (June 30)
  • Zombie Army Trilogy (June 30)