The XBOX One

Hrm I think PC achievements are being listed differently than Xbox One achievements, at least for some games (win32 games maybe?).

Played a bunch of Wolfenstein II via my PC game pass and got achievements. The Xbox One console shows the achievements but they all have a blank background. When I go into the rewards app it refuses to acknowledge that I’ve gotten any Wolfenstein II achievements for the rewards quest purpose.

I don’t even know why it bothers me, it’s 200 points or something lol. It does though because my OCD has me going into the rewards app every few days to see if I should do something to get more points and it’s just taunting me.

I know ‘larger worlds’ is a shorthand, but I can’t imagine we’ll really see many larger worlds. Isn’t something like Odyssey big enough :/

Individual city-based games could definitely get bigger worlds, but I suspect the constraint there is more artist time than asset streaming bandwidth, though it couldn’t hurt.

Maybe this time they can actually do the kind of crowd density they were shooting for with AC: Unity (the one set in Paris, I think that was the name), now that the CPU will be able to handle it.

Specifically, I’d like to see much more effort put into enemy AIs. We’ve advanced from having a single instruction: “advance towards the player while shooting,” to having maybe a couple additional canned behaviors, like occasionally taking cover or trying to flank.

But it still doesn’t feel like I’m fighting a real person/thing. They have no survival instinct, for example. They don’t behave rationally most of the time, like they’re actually defending an objective or trying to accomplish something.

So I’d like to see some of those cores/RAM/SSD dedicated to something that doesn’t make the game look snazzier, but makes it way more fun and interesting to play.

I have heard that PC achievements are not counted by the Rewards App.

That’d all be great, but even with a supercomputer, the developers have to create this stuff. And as interlocking systems get bigger and more complex, you inevitably have more issues with things bugging out and breaking.

AI is definitely something I want to see improve next generation, but writing more advanced AI is a massive undertaking. I recall Spencer mentioned at E3 2018, that they were working on “the next generation of game AI”, so my hope is Microsoft is already plugging away at some sort of standardized AI that can be used across a range of games, basically as middleware.

Yeah I mean, FEAR shows you could have good AI a decade and a half ago. I don’t think CPU power is really limiting it.

That was scripted AI in a very limited space. When they opened up the game a bit in the sequel, people complained about how much worse the AI was, even though they used the same AI from the first game.

Hey dudes, apologies if this is a dumb question, I’ve been on vacation on the east coast all week - but have we seen an announcement for July’s games with gold yet?

Not announced yet. I expect it’ll be these games I bought a few weeks ago


  • Baja Edge of Control
  • Hungry Shark World


  • Alice Madness Returns
  • Panzer Dragon Orta

Thanks for the heads up, sorry I didn’t mean to steer you wrong. After reading this I went and registered mine and had the same thing, some date in November. I Googled it and it did come up as something that happens and by contacting MS you can provide the receipt and they’ll adjust it. that being said I saw a bunch of posts specifically mentioning that Antonline seller so it does seem a little off to me. I also saw someone claim it happened after buying at an MS store so who knows. When I registered mine I did with the SN on the outside of the box so it seems like anyone with access could register but I don’t really get the benefit. If I figure out who to contact as MS I’ll let you know the details.

In other news I’ve only got about 40 GB left after loading it up with Gamepass goodies. I’m really happy with it so far, I’ve not played a whole lot yet but I’ve been impressed with the performance.

I hate the GUI. It sucks. I never thought I would be praising Big Picture and maybe it’s just that I’m used to it but it seems way better.

The worst (best?) part is the game sucking up most of my time is one I don’t think really takes much advantage of the HW. It’s that Sky Force Reloaded getting hyped up-thread. I don’t remember hearing about it before but what a blast.

If you’re not already using it, don’t neglect the guide button. Nothing is more than two button presses away if you’re using that button.

New annoying thing: the ad on the home page is now an ad urging me to sign up for Ultimate Game Pass, instead of the weekly Games/Deals With Gold. I can’t get rid of it, and I can’t find the usual link. I had a habit of checking in on the Deals With Gold every week, and then the ‘regular’ Deals in the Store tab. The Gold deals aren’t listed anywhere I can find.

Click on that Ultimate Game Pass ad. It will take you to the same Games/Deals with Gold page as before.

But yeah, it’s annoying that they can’t do a check to realize that we’re already on Ultimate and not show us that ad.

Pretty sure I tried that, and it didn’t work. Do you have Ultimate? Because I don’t- my only PC is a low-end Surface 5 that isn’t suited for gaming (which is how I like it).

Edit: just saw your edit. Heh.

Sweet I’d appreciate that. No worries about “steering me wrong”, I"m still extremely happy with it!

July 1 - July 31: Inside (XB1)
July 16 - Aug 15: Big Crown Showdown (XB1)
July 1 - July 15: Castlevania SoTN (X360)
July 16 - July 31: Meet the Robinsons (X360)

Oh sweet. Four games I don’t have! Never heard of two of them.


Meet the Robinsons was a Disney film. Going in with low expectations… some like Brave were fun.
Big Crown Showdown is a local/online 4 person party platformer. No single player

Sweeeeet. I almost bought INSIDE in the last 3 sales. So glad I held off.

And with all the talk of the unofficial sequel, I’m eager to give Symphony of the Night another shot to see what all the fuss is about. I played through the demo when it came out on XBLA on the 360, but didn’t get the appeal back then. But I remember it being a fairly short demo, so hopefully the full game will give me a better picture if this is the sort of game that will appeal to me or not.