The XBOX One

So that deals page is different from the deals page you go to from the dashboard, the one that has the Xbox Live Gold free games and weekly sale?

Then yes, I’m usually missing any other sales.

I don’t know, I guess so? There’s different weekly sales, too - folks who are Gold members have additional weekly items they can buy for slightly less. I forget where the dashboard button points to.

I do sometimes go around looking for other sales when I know there has to be one, thanks to sites like CAG. But usually I expect the dashboard or the deals page that the dashboard links to let me know about stuff like that. I usually don’t tab over to the Microsoft store on the extreme right of the interface.

Luckily, I don’t have quite the same problem owning stuff on PC, since I don’t usually get the humble bundles. I purposely didn’t get the Hat in Time one, for example, precisely because I thought it would be more fun to play it in the living room on Xbox, going after achievements along the way.

Yeah, there’s two different Sales pages- one for Golds and one weekly ‘Deals’ section, in the main Store page. That’s what I was referencing a few weeks back- I could get to the normal ‘Deals’ page, but not the Golds, because of the new ad. Stupid design.

Speaking of deals, an item in my Google feed this morning said Amazon deal on the One X- $364. I’m tempted.

It’s been right around that price for a while on Amazon. I’m not sure why it popped up on Google the other day. I saw it too.

If you go to the Deals page and click Show All on “Xbox Games Specials” (the first horizontal list below the spotlight section at the top), it will show all of the games that are current discounted, no matter what sale they are part of.

That is not true. None of the Deals With Gold show up on that list. A few of them are in the big tile ads on top of the Deals page in the store, but aren’t in the list behind the Show All 99+ button. In your screenshot (currently mirrored on my dash, too) A Plague Tale, Grip, etc. are listed, but none are on the ‘Show All’ list. And things like The Talos Principle are Deals With Gold that aren’t on the ‘Show All’ list, and aren’t on the tile ads, either.

That said, I’ve found when I click the “Buy Ultimate” ad that’s replaced the Gold ad on the homescreen, there’s a button there that says “Gold Benefits” or something that takes you to the Free with and Deals With Gold page. Also, you can check tHose deals with the Android and Windows Xbox Live aps.

The Deals with Gold list is right below the Xbox games specials list, just scroll down from the screenshot above.

Hey, you’re right! They’re down underneath the Movies and TV specials- I never go down there because I don’t buy video on proprietary services like this.

I wonder how long that’s been down there? You just made things so much easier! Thanks!

Ah, I don’t have the Movies and TV specials, which makes it much easier to spot.

Really? That’s weird. I wonder if there some way I can subtract that from the view. Like I said, I never use it.

I think it’s because Brakara is in Europe.

Correct. For some reason we don’t get any discounts on that stuff here.

Fun video about Xbox’s E3 press conference with behind the scenes stuff. Allot of its PR but still interesting showing how much goes into putting a single 1 1/2 show on.

Here’s some potentially worrying info - Bethesda may have pulled the 360 versions of Doom and Doom 2 in favor of the re-releases they put out for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch today. Which is to say that if you don’t have either currently installed, they will no longer be on your Ready to Install tab even if you own a copy. I own (or should say owned) both, but only had the original Doom installed and seem to have lost my copy of Doom 2. I am hoping this was a glitch and it will get sorted out, because this would be some seriously shitty behavior if it was intentional.

Looks like Ars Technica has noticed too:

Can confirm on my main system, although I’m pretty sure I’ve got both on a hard drive in another room. And it’s not like they pulled them from their customers in favor of a license for the new native versions, either.

Dick move, if permanent.

I don’t understand in what universe xcloud will turn out well when I can’t even stream my XB1X to my desktop without massive artifacting and incorrect colors just navigating the home screen. For reference my desktop and XB1X are ~10 feet apart, both hard wired into a switch in between them.

Also steam in home streaming and Moonlight both work perfectly well, both wired into the same switch and on wifi. Xbox streaming is just doing something fundamentally wrong.

IGN is reporting that this whole thing was a mistake and Bethesda is fixing -

That’s good news. Especially because I don’t remember if I owned Doom II on the 360 or not. I fired up one of my 360s to find out and had to download about 5 updates, and then went under download history and about half of it said something like “Content no longer valid” or something to that effect. So I can’t tell if Doom II was part of that or not.

Also, I went into the Xbox One dashboard and looked up the achievements for the Doom games, and it looks like they just ported over the same achievements that the 360 games had, but multiplied by 5 to make 1000 points instead of 200. So it’s the same 11 or 12 achievements, which is a shame.