The XBOX One

Joyride Turbo was also a freebie at some point… it’s cool though. I had fun with it for awhile when I was doing the exercise bike gaming. Nothing special, just a solid karting game.

Now that they’re trying to move everyone over to Game Pass Ultimate, there isn’t much incentive to continue the great value on Games With Gold. Sony did similar when they started requiring PS Plus for online and also became the market leader. The PS+ game lineup was fabulous when they were behind in the PS3 era, and has been middling (with some bright spots) since.

This one went under the radar, but it was made available a couple of days ago:


Oooh. That I want to try. Thanks for the heads up.

A brand new CCG game released on Gamepass. Guessing it has tons of micro transactions.

It’s not a CCG, and there’s no DLC. There are campaigns which you can play in co-op with a friend, but this is not a Hearthstone clone. If it was, it wouldn’t be on Game Pass since those are free anyway.

On Steam, it has an expansion (a new campaign) which I guess will come to Xbox eventually:

It’s the new “Stunning Visuals”

Install with the power of the internet!

Don’t forget the exclamation point at the end, either!!!

They made a 90s ad parody. Note the McGamePass at the bottom.

Subnautica seems to be available now even though there’s no announcement.

It’s been available since last week, I think?

I’m waiting though, just in case there’s a Game Pass quest for getting achievements for it next month. I always make it hard on myself by getting the easy achievements first before those quests go live.

It wasn’t available when I noticed the LOTR card game above, and there’s no notification on the game pass twitter about it.

Don’t forget X019 is this week, Thursday to be specific. Going to be some game reveals, plus Game Pass and xCloud news so hopefully this one will be pretty good.

Hopefully the xCloud news will be that those of us who applied to the beta are finally in.

Those of you with an android device can let the rest of us stuck in iOS land know how it goes.

Can’t wait to see what gets announced by Rare and Obsidian.

I also wouldn’t mind some Outer Worlds DLC in a few months that takes some of the feedback into account.

What’s a shadow drop?

Not sure what the term means. But his thread below that tweet clarifies that it’s AoE2: Definitive Edition:

A shadow drop is a game release without former announcement.

I would have guessed Half-Life 3!

Looks like a Twitch ad has gone live a bit prematurely, announcing that The Witcher 3 is coming to Game Pass for Xbox (not sure about PC).