The XBOX One

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Sounds like you kept it going as long as possible. If it did finally give up the ghost, the One X had been on deep sale regularly recently ($299 at Wal-Mart, I think?). It would be a great bargain (assuming stocks are still around) and a nice upgrade.

Sorry to hear it though.

If it was a PC, I’d guess your hard drive is slowly growing more and more bad sectors. I have no idea if it’s possible or economical to replace an XB1 HD though.

Was there an update I missed this weekend? In the My Games and Apps section now it just shows Games now, there is no tab to go to the ones you own but are not installed. There is a new menu item I never noticed called “Full Library” but it’s blank.

How do I see the games I own now?

The full library item should have several options to choose. All owned games, all owned apps, game pass, games with gold, EA access are the ones that I have showing.

It turns out my reset from 2 days ago did take… eventually. It just took a super long time this time. So last night my Xbox One was up and running again.

Running on the theory that it’s a hard drive with bad sectors, I moved as many apps as I could to the external drive. At least ones I use often like Disney+ or CBS All Access. And I uninstalled a whole bunch of games from the internal drive. Hopefully with more room, it will increase the odds of me not running into bad sectors for longer.

Come on big guy. We just need to last until the Xbox Series X comes out.

In the meantime, both my almost-3 year old and my wife have been pretty untouched by this, because my wife has gotten used to using the Apple TV now when the Xbox is down. My son can’t watch PBS kids, but he can watch youtube on Apple TV all day long.

Edit: Hey wait, I think PBS kids has an app now. I’ll check on that when I get home. Maybe I don’t need terrestrial antenna for them after all. Plus I could always unplug the OTA antenna from the Xbox and have it go directly to the TV instead.

Edit 2: I was personally happy that I could log in last night and get my 50 points for getting an achievement yesterday. That’ll be the biggest thing I can’t do without a functioning Xbox for the next few months: no more getting daily Rewards points on the Xbox. It’s weird the things you discover when a piece of equipment goes down. Most of the games I’m currently playing on Xbox can be played on PC anyway, so I didn’t feel a sting there.

Has anyone heard of Knights of Pen and Paper 1 and 2?

Hopefully Project Cars 2 has a better start than the horrible low frame rate go kart racing in Project Cars 1 that starts the career mode off. I couldn’t even finish that race and never went back.

I’ve always meant to try Fable Anniversary, since I’m a big fan of Fable 2, but never got around to it.

I’ve heard of it, but I was personally more interested in the impending release of Galaxy of Pen and Paper on Xbox, that sort of thing being more up my alley. But maybe I’ll wait for this first to be available with GwG.

As far as Fable Anniversary goes, I have a minor concern - there’s an achievement that requires you to link up with the Xbox 360 SmartGlass app, which no longer exists. Therefore the achievement is, you know, unachievable. I know, not the sort of thing normal people worry about.

Noticed that the Ragnarok and Atlantis expansions for Titan Quest are up on the store for Xbox now.

Not sure if anyone else is interested, but, just in case.

I’ve been wanting to pick up Knights 2, hopefully it isn’t as grindy as the first. Cute ganes if anyone likes that type of humour,

Forgot to finish Operencia & Vampyr before they left gamepass, darn. Both seemed pretty good so I’ll probably buy them.


  • Prey 2016
  • Mx vs Atv Reflex
  • Guacamelee
  • Samurai Shodown 2
  • Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Coming tomorrow:

  • Nier Automata

Wow Nier Automata is a huge get. I’ve been holding off on it waiting for a sale one day.

Now I can play everyone’s favorite anime girl panty-shot simulator!

While I love all the other Platinum games I’ve played (Bayonetta 1 & 2, Wonderful 101, Transformers: Devastation), I pretty much hate Neir Automata. I’ve tried several times to get into it since picking up a couple years ago on the day it hit Xbox One, I’m just not digging it. I reaching two or three endings (one was a very, very quick ending of some sort), and I know I probably never reaching the ‘real’ one, but it just wasn’t worth it to me to keep pushing through.

I know it has a huge following, and I’m glad more people will get a chance to play a revered Platinum game, but I’m jealous and resentful of the people who can enjoy this one.

Love 2B’s outfit and skirt though, wheeeeeew. And the nude Cosplays, wowzers.

I downloaded this on my Xbox 1 last month, since I own it and it’s backward compatible. I really tried to get into it. I played it for an hour or two. It’s just sooooo cheesy. It’s got no story hooks for me at all. And then the gameplay just seems like a whole lot of frantic button pressing that I had a hard time getting a handle on.

I prefer Bayonetta 2’s dialogue and story, but I have no idea what the consensus is overall. And yes, the game can feel extremely button-mashy (and even lead to some success if played that way), but it really shines if you’re the type that enjoys mastering combos and maximizing your score and Platinum ratings.

Oh yea, and I only like Bayonetta 1 about half as much as Bayonetta 2, mostly because of the dialogue and art upgrades. 1 is a little too Xboxy for me, in that it’s a lot browner. Still like it though (well, everything but boss fights, but I hate all boss fights in games.)

This is me.

You guys killing my vibe. I was so excited for a new genre of camgirl content once i understood Nier Automata, and you’re saying it’s bad?

No no, I’m hoping Nier Automata is the best game I will have ever played. I’m just not a fan of the studio’s other work. Hopefully this time they got everything just right.

No, I’m saying I don’t like it. It’s got a huge following, and people love it. But it doesn’t click for me. I am in the minority.

As for button-mashyness, it’s less button mashy than other Platinum games (like Bayonetta), because the combat is more straightforward and less reliant on chains and chains of combos to do well (scorewise).

Damn, once again right after I buy it.