The XBOX One

The implementation of cloud saves in real time is an underrated strength of the Xbox. The benefit becomes more obvious if you have multiple systems. If you have a save on your profile on an Xbox, it’s there, whenever and wherever. If you have a save on a PS4, it can auto-upload to your cloud saves overnight if you have PS Plus, if you have activated that feature for the game, and only from your home system. If you have a second PS4, cloud saves have to be manually downloaded and uploaded. Very easy to get out of sync.

And you won’t lose a save if you do. Pretty nice feature when I had to send two original XB1s back for faulty optical drives.

Another plus is the IR remote support. You might find this remote useful, I got one for all of my boys last Christmas.

Really, all the software on the Xbox is just better than the PS4, and that’s directly comparing them for the last several months since I got a Pro. The interface is better, Spotify music integration is better, media apps are better, everything related to online is better (well, unless your friends aren’t there, of course), software updating in the background even when while the console is asleep, being able to start playing games when they are only 1/3 downloaded, etc.

Yeah, this shouldn’t be surprising since MS is at heart a software company, but damn. It’s like night and day.

One cool little feature of the cloud saves: if you delete a game after playing, then decide later you want to play again and reinstall, those cloud saves are reinstalled as well. It’s a little thing, but I appreciate it.

Don’t all cloud save systems work like that? I can’t imagine the saves being deleted as well, which sounds horrific.

I think with the PlayStation you need to be a Plus subscriber to get cloud saves, but not sure.

Sony’s cloud save is garbage.

  • 100GB limit. You have no control over how large the saves are though. You must manually go delete saves from the cloud if you hit the limit and want to save something else. As an RPG junkie who routinely uses all save slots “just in case” this is painful.
  • Saves are only uploaded to the cloud from your primary PS4 if you are a Plus member.
  • Saves are not auto-downloaded when you launch a game on another PS4.
    Basically Sony’s solution is a backup.

Contrast this with Microsoft’s approach:

  • Unlimited storage.
  • Saves are uploaded from your Xbox as you play a game.
  • Saves are sync’d with the cloud whenever you play a game.
    Microsoft’s solution is what I think of as “cloud saves” - every save is in the cloud and always used.

That’s interesting about Xbox One X not being available anymore. It seems like it’s too early to be clearing retail channels to clear space for Series X / Series S.

The world has been having a few supplies issues recently. Confined people have also been buying consoles. And the X was recently on deep discount, making it a really good deal. My guess would be it’s a temporary stock blip.

Even when Series X comes out, the One X will still be on sale.

PS4 does both of these.

In my experience, about 99% of the time “start playing games when they are only 1/3 downloaded” actually means “load up the title screen and wait for the rest of the game to download”.

If you say so, I guess I believe that the system is technically capable, but it really doesn’t seem to be my experience. Perhaps it’s on a per-game basis. I’ve been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky the last few months and there has been several updates. Every time, I wake the PS4 from ‘sleep’ mode (not full shutdown), and go to launch NMS and it tells me it needs to download a multi-gig update, even when the update has been out for a few days. Just the other day, I bought The Sinking City, and had to wait for it to completely finish (35 gigs, if I remember correctly) before I could start.

Contrast this with the Xbone, when I wake it up and click ‘My Games and Apps’, it’s sorted by recently updated, and there is always something in the last few days- often a game I haven’t played in months. I’ve never had to wait for an update that I can remember. Last week I grabbed the free WH40k Inquisitor, and was playing in less than 5 minutes at 25-30% downloaded.

It’s possible the automatic updates are a PS Plus feature. Can’t remember. Or you may just need to enable if from the settings menu.

If it’s a ps+ feature, that would be super annoying. MS was (rightfully) pilloried for being consumer unfriendly at the start of this cycle, but have made huge strides in that department. One could argue that being the underdog, they had to. But man, Sony is just taking the cake here (see, for example, the cloud saves thing upthread).

EDIT: So I just went looking. Under Settings>Power Save>Rest Mode, ‘Stay connected to the Internet’ is checked, which says it can download update files and content, and upload saved data. Under System>Automatic Downloads>Application Update Files, it says I can automatically download update files while the unit is on, and PS+ members can download files in rest mode. Fuckers.

I’ve never been able to get my PS4 to autosave to the cloud upon exiting a game, even though it’s supposed to do so.

Most likely - your cloud storage is full or your console isn’t your home / primary for some reason.

I have plenty of cloud storage and it is my home console.

Assuming you have plus then I have no idea.

I’ve had inconsistency with updating games/apps on both consoles. There are times it works and sometimes I try to start a game up and it says I need to DL an update.

Wow, that’s so bad I’m having a hard time believing it actually works like that.

It took a couple days but they issued my refund. I don’t know when Microsoft started allowing refund requests, but it’s cool they’re doing so now days.