The XBOX One

Just be aware the annual redemption limit is 500,000 points. With level 2 putting $100 gift cards at 91,000 points you can redeem about $550 per year.

Two things I wish MS would implement with the Series X: There should be a way to view patch notes when games are updated; there needs to be a method of submitting crash report data when it happens. Sony allows both of those things and MS needs to as well.

Absolutely agree. And bonus points to Microsoft if they can get developers to post actual release notes, not just “Improved Stability” for every patch.

Looks like there’s a pretty big sale that just dropped unannounced, haven’t had a chance to check if there is anything terribly new or noteworthy in there -

I just had a look and didn’t see anything special. The bundle for Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition is down to $12. I keep thinking I should pick that up, since I have digital editions of all the other DA and ME games on Xbox and I’d like to have a full library in case I ever want to do a full playthrough, but I know in my heart of hearts that’ll never actually happen.

Genesis Alpha One is $10. That looks like a fun time at that price.

Welp, the normal X has still been out of stock the last couple of weeks, but apparently there’s a Cyberpunk 2077 special edition of it that went live an hour ago, and I managed to get an order in on it through the MS store.

No Man’s Sky getting cross play and joining PC and Xbox Game Pass!

Production of the vanilla Xbox One X halted over a year ago. The only production since then were Special Edition versions that are bundled with games such as NBA2K. The Cyberpunk Special Edition was the final production run of the Xbox One X. Production was switched over to Series X.

Holy crap, they’re bringing the 2006 Bard’s Tale remaster to Xbox and Game Pass next week too! I know I have a somewhat irrational love of that game but it was a blend of fun ARPG mechanics and great humor that really hit the sweet spot for me. Will definitely be playing that.

My Cyberpunk X just arrived and is updating now. Looking forward to seeing how big of a jump it is from the S.

By the way, do we have a central listing of Xbox usernames to add to friends lists?

Does it look pretty cool in real life? From the photos, I thought it was the coolest looking console I’ve seen yet.

Agree this is a fun game - which I never finished. I tried playing it a few years ago. The graphics aged very, very poorly. Hopefully they’re doing more than just shipping the old version.

The Cyberpunk One X looks amazing in person. Lots of “engraved” details on the casing, unique startup sound, and even some unique LEDs. Plus there’s at least one UV ink easter egg.

Yes, it’s a really fantastic design, full of great, detailed touches. And I appreciate that it comes with a vertical stand to show off both sides at once. Kind of amazed to get it for exactly the same price as the bog-standard S.

Hey, in addition to NMS, it seems various Kingdom Hearts things have been added to GP, as well as Dungeon of the Endless. Is that latter one any good?

There have apparently been a bunch of new game announcements in the last few days- the Xbox Youtube channel is full of them. Here’s a few that have caught my eye, but there’s several more:

Foreclosed- kind of looks like a Cyberpunk Void Bastards (though not structured the same way)

Hardspace: Shipbreaker- I noticed a thread on here, but haven’t read it, didn’t know it was coming to Xbone.

Getting some Breath of the Wild vibes from Windbound

Pragmata- for the Series X in 2022 , seems a bit early to announce, but it does look cool.

I really enjoyed Dungeon of the Endless. Its a rogue-like(lite?) made by the developers of Endless Legend and Endless Space, and takes place in the same mythos/universe.

I found it very interesting, and quite fun. I imagine it would be even more fun multiplayer.

Pragmata was shown in the Playstation thing last week. Looks very Kojima, with all the baggage that entails.

I’ve been getting a lot of password change requests on my Microsoft account, to my backup email. That’s kind of a good sign right? They are trying to get in but they can’t? But instead of once a week, then once a day, now it’s at least four times yesterday.

Do you have two-factor authentication set up, @Rock8man? You can use the Authenticator app (MS or Google) to ensure nobody can get in on a new device without your permission.