The XBOX One

For some reason, Psychonauts appears to be available for free from the MS website right now. I’m posting this in the Xbox One thread because it is backward compatible on that system and everyone should play it.

I’m surprised we’re not getting a Forza Horizon 3 GWG. Usually one of them every august before delisting.

Huh I though even the console only version of Gamepass gave Gold as a part of it. Does seem like they really just want people to go Ultimate sub.

Thanks for the heads up. I could just dig out my OG Xbox disk, but why bother? Part of my library now.

$10 when I checked it. Although probably worth it, the PS4 version is a poorly-emulated PS2 downsample of the original XBox game, and is absolute crap and a ripoff at the $3 I paid for it. Barely playable.

Were you logged with a live account? Showed as free for me.

Nope, checked again. Wonder if there’s some prerequisite I don’t have. Ah well, I still have the disk…

Apparently it was a pricing error.

The headline is clickbaity, but I thought the talk about how the culture at Xbox has changed was interesting.

It should be on XGP anyway, as a commercial for P2.

Yeah, I mean I guess Microsoft owns Psychonauts now so they could do that? Maybe when it gets a bit closer to the sequel’s release they’ll do that.

I would be willing to bet that that’s the plan. Best way to entice gamers who never knew about the first game to check it out and advertise the second game close to release.

Though if that is the plan, they might want to cut out the Meat Circus.

I think that was patched to be easier. When I got there, I didn’t experience the difficulty of fabled lore.

I always thought the difficulty of the Meat Circus was overstated anyway.

It was mostly ok platforming, but there was this one jump I must have missed at least a couple of dozen times. I think that part of the problem for a lot of folks was that it included a timed escort quest for a while as well, but that was only part of the overall level.

Probably the same jump as the one I have never managed to get past, despite trying for an hour or so once every year since release.

There’s one where you have to go from the front to the back of a vertical mid-air grille you’re clinging to? That one took me a few tries :)

Courtesy of CAG:

$100 Xbox currency for $90. I might have jumped on that in the old days. But in the era of Game Pass, I’m wondering, will I even spend that?

I didn’t get to check out many demos, but it was nice to see someone else show some of them off in this video.