The XBOX One


FYI, the Xbox Game Pass test has expended to Tier 3 Xbox Insiders, there’s a nice selection of mostly MS published games but a few more as well.


Looks like May’s GwG have been announced:

Xbox One will get Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director’s Cut followed by Lara Croft and the Tenple of Osiris.

Xbox 360 (and Xbox One back compat) will get Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and then Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga.


Hey cool. I got Giana Sisters when it first came out on GoG, but it didn’t have controller support and I had a tough time trying to play a platformer with the keyboard. It’ll be nice to give this another try on Xbox.


Nice to have Lego Star Wars back. That was one of the first 360 games I played, and I lost my disc somewhere along the way.


LEGO Star Wars on 360 was the game I used to teach my now-14-year-old son how to play games when he was about 5. Oh, the early years, when I had to let him win in competitive games…


I liked those videos you did with your son on XBL back then. Seemed like you guys were having fun.


Now he probably just kicks your arse ;)


Sadly. It’s not even fun to play competitive shooters with him anymore.


The answer is Splatoon (Nintendo) or PvZ: Garden Warfare (I prefer 1 over 2). But mostly Splatoon.


Timeshift was added to back compat today, as I recall @Rock8man was a big fan?

Just for completeness, Assault Heroes 2 (which is pretty good) and Commanders: Attack of the Genos (which I know nothing about) were also made backward compatible today.


Nice! Timeshift is the bomb.


Neat! If anyone’s trying it for the first time due to the novelty of BC, don’t let the first level dissuade you – it’s not representative of the whole game.


So I just came across this item, and it confuses me:

So, backwards compatibility is a service that we have to log into to use? Like, we can only play 360 games on Xbox One if we’re online? I didn’t know that.


This is true. When my internet goes down, we are unable to play BC games on Xbox One.


That’s interesting, I guess it’s common knowledge but I totally missed it. I must have been lucky with my internet connection so far.


Not really. Microsoft says you can play offline BC if you’ve set your Xbox to your main console, but this doesn’t seem to be true in all cases. We have the one Xbox One. It’s set as my main Xbox. When our internet goes down, the Xbox basically turns into a brick. We can watch blu-rays and play some games, but not all, and definitely none of the BC titles as far as I’ve seen.

The full offline support page lists some caveats:

[quote]There are some activities that you need to be online to use, such as:

Playing games and apps that require an Internet connection.
Playing games that require online sign-in, even for a single player.
Syncing and playing saved games on more than one console.
Using social features like friends, messages, and parties.
Browsing and buying content from the Xbox Store, Music & TV, and Groove.
Using Xbox SmartGlass.
Updating the console or apps.[/quote]

I’m assuming digital BC games fall under here.


Playing offline can also make you miss achievements, I know I never got a couple ones in Firewatch when I played that offline.


And under the “Better Late Than Never, I Guess” category, Gamespot says that Broken Age is coming to Xbox One. Looks like it’s been rated by PEGI but not yet announced. Of course I kickstarted the thing so it’s old news but what the heck, I may double dip. And it’s not a bad little adventure game for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.


Dead Space 2 and 3 were added to backwards compatibility list. I hope EA Access gets them into the vault soon. I’d love to finally try them both. I’m a huge fan of the original on 360, and I tried playing Dead Space 2 a few times on the PC, but just couldn’t get into it. I’m not sure if the platform had anything to do with that though. I don’t think it did. But hey, now I can test that theory (if they add it to the vault).


I read somewhere (I forget where) that the Dead Space games had already been added to the vault today. Is that not the case?