The XBOX One


Challenge accepted! I really liked Catalyst but overall felt a little let down. I don’t think being an open world game really worked here, and that’s something I rarely say. There was just not much going on. The missions though, and the challenges - great fun.

Anyway, I’m going to start poking the resident MS dudes for more OG Xbox backcompat info. We know it’s coming but that’s about it. Anyone talking dates? Will we be able to test it out in early release? Throw me a bone here!


Alas, no bones can be thrown until official announcements are made about the throwing of said bones. :)


Very well then, I shall shamelessly post rumors. Reddit has had some speculation and observations about OG Xbox backward comparability, here’s one item:

Apparently five games have been identified as candidates, I was only aware that Crimson Skies and Fusion Frenzy had been identified. Still I wonder how multiplayer will work, or will it even be implemented? I remember they shut down OG XBL a while back, there were all those Halo 2 players who kind of held the service “hostage” since they couldn’t shut it down while it was in use I think? Anyway, wonder if it’s even possible to, I don’t know, switch it back on?


And here’s one that is not a rumor (I think):


Hahah! Dead to Rights! I forgot all about that game. I rented that when it came out. What a piece of s***. But it was horrible in a fun way. It was one of those rare MST3K type situations where a game is so bad that it’s funny and you play it and make fun of everything and laugh at how horrible it is.


Lol Bloodrayne. I’ll wear your flesh like lederhosen!


No JSRF :(


Not yet, but this looks like a first wave. Though I have to wonder if music licensing might cause issues with tat title.


JSRF works on 360 so I wonder what the problem is.


Unknown. May not be a problem. I’m just speculating about potential licensing issues, since one of the things that can cause difficulty is the soundtrack, with licensed music like in GTA and such. On the upside, the publisher for JSRF is Sega, and they’ve had a bunch of stuff on 360 made available for back compat on the Xbone, so even if there is a problem (and again, no idea) hopefully they can sort it out.

I mean for that matter, no MechAssault on that list. Seems like a no-brainer, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more show up soon.


You may be right. When they rereleased JSR on 360, PC, they removed all the licensed music. You can’t get the licensed music off a DVD that shipped 15 years ago.


Actually they only removed two licensed songs. The rest were all there.

I’m really hoping for JSRF, because the 360 backwards compatibility was so bad that some levels are barely playable.


Ugh I just got the fall update. The UI requires an extra button press and menu for everything I normally do. Signing in is buried another level deeper, I can’t see what my friends are doing on the friend tab without clicking through either.

MS do you even do UX testing?


It takes a little getting used to, but I guess I’ve had a couple months to play with it and I like how quick and easy it is to get everywhere just with the flyout menu from the guide button. I’ve got one button press access to my games library, the store, any games with gold I haven’t installed, the last few games I played, my friends list (plus a new sublist of games that my friends are playing). I like it a lot.


This was my impression as well. The guide works now, and instead of fumbling with it, I get where I am going quickly.




Nice, so it’s that leaked list that you posted above, plus “Black”. That was the first person shooter made by Criterion, I think.


Yeah, I’m going to start speculating again and say that, since MS has already said that OG back compat will be a curated subset of available games, we’ll probably see some percentage of games already made backward compatible on the 360 (that list is here). It’s still a decent list, a lot of stuff I still own is on it. Oddly enough, MechAssault was never made backward compatible on 360? That bums me out, really would love to play that again.


Thanks for that list. Here’s the notes on the game I care about the most, Jet Set Radio Future:

Noticeable slowdown in some stages. Flickering and obscured text in pause menus. Textures may disappear after leaving pause menu. Custom graffiti can only be done for SS, S, and M sizes on a zoom. L or XL will not work. If the player does not zoom in, they will NOT be able to see their creation at all.

Hopefully they can fix these things on Xbox One. That sounds like it would be extra work though. Maybe they’ll just take the 360 backward combatible stuff and make it available on Xbox One?


I wouldn’t assume too much from those technical notes - the emulation is probably going to be more like the 360 on Xbox One than the old 360 emulation. I’m hopeful anyway, because the old emulation was rocky even at best.