The XBOX One


It’s the Game Awards sale. PSN and Switch are reprising some of their Black Friday sales for it too.


On this week’s bundle sale I was tempted by the fast action bundle. Tachyon project looked like a decent twin stick shooter. OTOH, the other half of that bundle is a racing game with tiny cars. I’m always leery of those.

The other one I’m tempted by is Don’t Starve + Shipwrecked. I know, I already have it on PC and PS4, but I’m still tempted because I love that game. Though looking at the achievement list, it’s just as crap as the trophy list on PS4. The version of that game with good achievements is Don’t Starve Together, and that’s not on sale.


Mixer is giving away freebies again for watching the Game Awards today.

Starts in a little over 6 hours.


Oh crap, what are the freebies?


Probably something minor like last time. I bet you we never get beaucoup free stuff like that first time when they launched. That was a pretty big giveaway.


It is. But it’s not much more than that. The enemies are inventive and the story bits are silly but at least not tedious.


You know what else is on sale? Platinum for Warframe. Yes, the game is F2P, so you don’t need it at all. I bought a bit, even though I’ve mostly gotten to the point I don’t need to- I can sell stuff earned in-game for it if I have the need, but I want to throw the developers a few bucks every once in a while.

That said, I started so long ago that I’m not sure if the experience is the same for new players, but if it is anything similar there’s a bit of a slog between starting and and actually getting your first new weapon built. So having some plat might help with that. Or alternately, save it and use it to unlock slots for new weapons and characters (called Frames) later.

Now is a great time to start, as the game is huge and has tons of content, including the just-released open-world expansion (free, like all their expansions). I think I might be the only Xbone player here on Qt3, but I’ve got plenty of slots open in my Clan (I’m the only member, heh), and can help out with stuff for new players.

So hey, all you disaffected Destiny 2 players who don’t want to pay for the new Osiris expansion, come join me over in F2P land!


Man, I am so close to bailing on Destiny 2 - still want to try a nightfall strike before I do though.


so do i. Haven’t tried the new expansion in 4k hdr yet though.


Yup, minor stuff.

Goat Simulator (was free with Gold)
Halo Wars 2 leader
Forza 7 suit
Warframe something


Arrrgh my Xbox One S will no longer read any blu-ray discs. Which is one of the main reasons I got the damn thing! God damn it, the One has been pain for me from beginning to end.

Hmm per the help pages, “try a hard reboot”. Wouldn’t be the first, or even the tenth, time I’ve had to hard reboot to fix weirdnesses on this damn thing.


I hope that works for you. I haven’t had that particular problem yet, as far as I know. Though the hard reboot solution was so common back in the early days of the Xbox One that I would hard reboot at least once a day.


These bots in Vermintide are frustrating.

I can barely win any “Normal” mission with them, and a few on “Easy” were tough too. Same problem soloing as L4D where you have to do all the objectives by yourself. Even worse if you’re handling explosives. They are pretty good at sniping special rats though. Keep them away from Stormvermin patrols or they’ll all suicide in the fight.

The GWG comes with a free 10$ Drachenfels DLC. Worth checking out if you guys own the game elsewhere. The three maps it comes with were interesting, maybe even more fun with bots.

Free play weekend for Injustice 2.

Xbox Year in Review stats page is up:

My top 5 games:
Gems of War
Forza 6
Dragon Age Inquisition
Killer Instinct
Diablo 3

782 hours played (eep!)


Whoa, impressive hours played stat there, cowboy! Of course I had to go and check out my stats -

552 total hours played, of which genres composed were 346 hours of action/adventure, 111 were RPG and 84 were shooter. Kinda vague. Most played games were:

  1. Mass Effect Andromeda
  2. Star Trek Online
  3. GTA IV (ha!)
  4. Diablo 3
  5. Destiny 2

Also apparently in my region, I’m in the top 1% for gamerscore and achievements. And considering I live in Seattle, that’s probably not a stat to be proud of.


Heh, never knew about this.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
Skyrim Special Edition
Mirros’s Edge
Dragon Age: Origins
Divinity: Original Sin

Total hours: 346

240 RPG
97 Action/Adventure
3 Strategy

My 14 year old daughter played Mirror’s Edge - guess it tallied from before i created a separate account for her (she never uses the XBox but she got hooked on Mirror’s Edge which was a free GwG game and asked for the sequel which she also finished. I haven’t finished a game in two years so she’s making me look bad. Then again, I haven’t even been gaming all that much lately.

Pretty sure 200 of those RPG hours were Diablo 3.


I never knew it, either. Thanks, @Gigglemoo!

My list:


619 hours played. Ouch.

The first two aren’t that surprising. I am surprised ESO got more time than W3- I didn’t think I played it that long. I do need to get back to Mordheim someday, and I’m mildly surprised to see it on the list- I’d have assumed Subnautica, or Astroneer or ARK, one of those early access survival games.


OH - how does Mordheim run on a console? it was extremely slow in loading on PC which kinda killed the game for me.


Shadows of War would easily be #1 with at least 100 extra hours of gameplay if this counted my November gaming.


244 Action Adventure
143 RPG
97 Shooter

TWITCH APP 7605473 Hours


I don’t completely remember. Something tells me they were long, at least getting into/out of missions. While in the mission, the game ran well enough, IIRC. I think I got through 2 of 3 chapters in the Human mercenary campaign.


How is this a year in review when it only looks at 10 months of the year?