The XBOX One


Well, thats great for you - Both both Steam and PS4 has patch notes so that you can see exactly what changes occured, easily accessed, so I don’t have to go looking at the website of some game. Thats why its kinda surprising there is no way to do this here.
Hell - a lot of the talk on forums like this one, is about the latest updates, so its not like I’m being unreasonable in wanting them, as both Steam and Sony understands.


It is indeed. :)


Added to BC:

Far Cry 2
Sniper Elite V2
Driver: San Francisco

Nice selection. I guess the BC team is back from winter vacation.


To follow up on my earlier post, apparently Driver San Francisco was delisted some time back so you can only play if you previously bought a digital copy or have a disc copy. Maybe this is a sign that it could be re-listed? Does that ever happen?


New Game Pass titles for Feb '18:

NBA 2K17
WWE 2K17
Halo Wars 2
Darksiders 2 remaster
Fable Anniversary
Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey
Riptide GP


Pardon my harping on about one game but there seems to be something funny going on with Driver San Francisco. Several reports around the Internet that they own a digital copy but can’t find it to download, and others who don’t remember buying it butbhave a copy in their Ready to Install. I’m in the second group - I had a physical copy that I didn’t keep, and I’m almost positive I never bought a digital copy yet it’s there to install. Kind of strange.


I picked up a digital antenna off of Amazon during a daily deal and it works well enough that I’m now thinking about the digital tuner for the Xbox One so you can watch OTA TV on it. Anyone have any experience with it? You can pause live TV, but it doesn’t let you record, right?



Damn, sold out already.


New back compat titles today, looks like two XBLA games - Magic The Gathering 2013 and Magic Duels of the Planeswalkers are able to play on your Xbox One.


Duels of the Planeswalkers? That had me excited for a moment, but then I remembered there are two of those. Can anyone recommend which of these magic the gathering games are fun to play?


I’ve enjoyed them all.

2014 and “Magic Duels” (F2P) had my favorite campaigns.
2015 is good if you like making your own decks.

The F2P game’s campaign is all free with premade decks & over 10 hours long.


I was just going to try Zombi for a few minutes last night so I could get a flavor for it before uninstalling it.

Only, it was intriguing. And I kept playing. And then I got a cricket bat. And I kept playing.

And then I figured out that you can’t use the cricket bat to kill zombies, only bullets, but even headshots don’t kill zombies unless you get a lot of them. So I died.

My next character found the old character’s backpack. Finally I’d get all those bullets back, and the planks I found, and the flares… no, the old character that had turned into a zombie only had a can of soda on him.

I ran into another zombie and died.

My next character finally figured out that you can actually do more than just push people with the bat. You can bash them with it! Only you have to aim the bat first.

A few hours later, in between watching Football and Futurama, I’m almost to Buckingham Palace and enjoying this game quite a bit. The only thing that can go wrong now is if the game overstays its welcome. Hopefully it’s a nice short sweet experience.


Wow, this seems like pretty big news:

So going forward, all first party MS games will be releasing on Game Pass on their day of release. Starting with Sea of Thieves.


Wow. So they’ll be part of Game Pass on Day One, and they’ll be on Windows 10 as well, right? Since they’ll all be Play Anywhere games?

Makes me wish I had a more powerful PC these days. Everything still plays fine on PC if I’m not a stickler for framerate. But games like Forza Horizon 3 definitely play a lot smoother on the Xbox than on my aging PC.


Yeah, I mean I’m kind of inferring that but since all first party MS games are now Play Anywhere and all first party games will go straight to Game Pass, then seems like you get PC copies through Game Pass in release day.


Honestly, $120 a year doesn’t sound all that bad anymore, now that it will include Play Anywhere copies of Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, next Halo, next Gears, etc. It’s still not as good a deal as EA Access’ $30 a year, of course, but you do get a pretty big library in comparison. But I’m just afraid that the big library will just make it feel like I have an even bigger backlog.


Holy Shit. But what’s to stop you from just paying for one month and then dropping the subscription (ala, what everyone does with HBO when Game of Thrones rolls around)?

Do they figure that you’ll want to keep it for multiplay?

EA Access is a better price, but you also have to wait a year or more, usually, for AAA releases to trickle down to it.

Also, I can’t imagine the retailers are very happy about this news. Put another nail into the GameStop coffin.

Also (again), Netflix basically carved the way for this. Consumers are willing to pay a subscription for online content; the question is whether MS can actually deliver enough quality content. E3 needs to be absolutely huge for MS this year. They still haven’t launched a major original franchise for the Xbox One. The OG Xbox had Halo. Xbox 360 had Gears. We’re going on 5 years of the Xbox One generation, and what do they have to show for it?


Man, it’s been 4 years already for this console generation. And my video card is 3 years old.


You just made me look up mine. I’m not sure when I bought my video card, but I think it was in 2013. I looked it up, and the ATI HD 7950 launched in December 2011/January 2012. So I guess my video card is technically about 2 years older than my PS4 and XB1. And my CPU/motherboard/RAM/everything else is 8 years old now, which is the longest I’ve ever stuck with the same PC. Hurray for console gaming finally slowing down planned obsolescence in the PC space!