The XBOX One


I really enjoyed Trials of the Blood Dragon (gwg).

Finished it with secrets in just under 5 hours.

Didn’t bother trying for A ranks. I had 77 faults in the ass level and almost 100 in one with the grappling hook. The uPlay coin reward levels were cool, but over in 5 minutes.


Today’s Inside Xbox is starting in 10 minutes.

“Rare treasure” bonuses for watching it on Mixer.


Inside Xbox is on the dashboard. When you click on it, it starts Mixer, and starts a video with a 30 minute countdown. Sure, I’ll just fast forward right? Pressing any button that doesn’t just move around the highlighted button on the interface just starts the video over. How do I know the video is restarting? Because the countdown resets to 29 minutes and 38 seconds. What an idiotic interface. Why would anyone use Mixer? Even the Youtube app on Xbox is better than this. And the Youtube app has the worst interface of all the video playing apps I’d seen up to now. We have a new king!


I reported this video for trolling.


Very cool stuff! Now they just have to make TVs that support adaptive sync.


New back compat releases today:


How about a new real Ghost Recon game based off the original games with full tactical squad controls and missions/level based gameplay. Not the four player co-op Farcry game they called Gost Recon.


Never played a Ghost Recon game in my life. They any good?


This is not that. You’re thinking of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which is the 4 player coop Far Cry game.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was a coop generic linear 3rd person shooter. I played it briefly because the soundtrack is done by Hybrid, one of my favorite bands. Sadly the gameplay itself is really generic and uninteresting. Not Recommended.


I remember trying GRAW last decade. Some cool ideas but very hard. Discouragingly hard.


I spent hours and hours with a buddie playing the original Ghost Recons…would download user made maps for extra challenges…it was a very fun coop game.

I bought the GR:Wildlands and it seems too much like Far Cry to me…but still fairly fun.


I remember the original GRAW was pretty good back in the early days of the Xbox 360, but, sadly, these games (GRAW and GRFS) don’t hold up that well today.


Looks like MS announced a bunch of new games through the [email protected] program today:

I don’t recognize very many, but Starbound sounds kind of cool, and a new RBI Baseball! And I did a momentary double take at the Squadron 51 game, I thought for a second that was the Star Citizen spinoff.


Apocalypse Cow (Monsters) – Announced Today for Xbox One, Xbox One X Enhanced, Xbox Play Anywhere

A girl, a rapper who can’t rhyme and a redhead enter a bar. The music stops. “Have you seen a giant robotic cow?” the girl asks politely and OMG SHE’S KILLING THEM! Wait, they were ready to talk, WAAAAIT! Explosions, regrets and time bending in a broken digital world; this is Apocalypse Cow, a cinematic arcade adventure that redefines storytelling for platformers.

Now this is how you write a blurb.

The other one that caught my eye was Earthfall since it mentions Left 4 Dead gameplay.


Claybook has been up on Xbox Game Preview the last few weeks, but I haven’t tried it.

Strange Brigade was announced last year (E3?), and looks like a lot of fun.

One Finger Death Punch 2!!!

That Apocalypse Cow description is great, indeed. What’s the actual gameplay?

City of Brass sounds neat, and familiar. Did they do a Kickstarter recently?

Starbound does sound cool, but it’s pretty vague. Again, what’s the gameplay?


No idea, but there does appear to be a Starbound on Steam by the same developer (Chucklefish) so my keen powers of deduction tell me they may be … the same game.


Anyway, more info on that game here.


Starbound has been out on PC for years. This is just a console port + PlayAnywhere support.


It’s Terraria in space.


Yes, that does appear to be an apt description. Additionally, more of the games listed are also on Steam:

Black Desert (assuming this is Black Desert Online)
Bomber Crew (hey, @brooski was trying to sell me this over in the turn-based flight games thread!)
Can’t Drive This
City of Brass (this one looks pretty cool)
Conarium (ooh, Lovecraftian!)
My Time at Portia
Once Upon a Coma
Pig Eat Ball (I like the look of this one)
Planet Alpha
Remothered: Tormented Fathers
Shape of the World
Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption
Strange Brigade

So, most of them.


Hey what do you know! Earthfall (Steam key) happens to be $7.50 for the next 12 hours at The promise of L4D gameplay and that enticing price had me bite.