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I’m not sure I see how the state of Minecraft PS4 is Microsoft’s fault either. By that logic shouldn’t Xbox 360 and PS3 owners be screaming too? They get no further updates and can still buy DLC.

As I recall PS3, PS4, and Vita can all cross-play, although they are limited to smaller worlds. Sony’s walled garden is intact - as they want it.

Remember Microsoft / Mojang could have pulled the game from PSN entirely. Given its popularity that would have been a dick move but arguably good business sense.

What irritates me is Sony’s claim they support cross platform play but how their conditions make it impractical for anyone to actually do - including Epic with Fortnite.


Because they said so? Tying the cross platform networking requirements to a large number of other features and enhancements is not a technical decision. It was a PR one. What does a rendering pipeline have to do with crossplay? What does world size? Nothing. Both could be added to PS4 Minecraft while maintaining the existing online play for that platform (which still works, btw).

There are legitimate technical reasons last gen versions would not be getting the update. The modernized rendering tech wouldn’t run, for example. The memory limitations would pose a problem. Neither is true for PS4.


I don’t know any more than you do what it would take to make Bedrock not cross platform. Maybe there are networking infrastructure implications. Or microtransaction implementation details. Or something else entirely that’s far more than simply flipping a switch - especially considering that you sign in with a Microsoft account on every platform and I’m sure every platform talks to the same back end services.

Considering how effortlessly cross platform play works on every other system, I could easily see the system being designed in such a platform agnostic way that it would indeed be a lot of extra work to block one of those platforms from communicating with all the others.

But regardless of the amount of work, no one is entitled to Microsoft doing anything extra just to get around one platform’s ridiculous restrictions. Microsoft never promised this to anyone on PS4, and they’re not breaking any promises here. They didn’t sell a false bill of goods by asking people to purchase something then renege.

If enough PS4 customers complain then maybe Microsoft will see a business case to change their minds. But with the Fortnite fiasco happening now it seems more likely that Sony will finally change their policies. And that’s a much cheaper option for everyone.


If their graphics pipeline is linked to their microtransaction system then they are incompetent. It’s absurd to suggest otherwise. They don’t need to do “extra work” to get PS4 working with the new tech. They need to not do significantly less than they’ve done for all the other paying customers. Given the installed base disparity they could easily be making more than twice as much money from PS4 than Xbox One from Minecraft, but they are treating those PAYING CUSTOMERS poorly over industry politics.


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Same as Sony is doing with Fortnite.


We don’t seem to have a Forza Horizon 4 thread, so I figure I’ll just leave this article here. One thing jumps out at me - you’ll be able to do jobs in the game, like taxi and stuntman, and also buy property. Weird.


Seems like a silly stance to take. Mojang made an update, Sony won’t certify it. It’s not that Mojang or MS is purposely keeping the PS version behind.

Minecraft Better Together is amazing for my kids. They can play on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or iPad and share the same maps and play together in the same worlds. He can work on his worlds in the car, they’ll sync up to the cloud when he gets home, then keep using them on consoles. My daughter sits next to him with an ipad and jumps into his worlds on console, and they do things together.

Sony sucks.


Well, I tried.


I finally got to look at the Vigor footage from the Inside Xbox stream, and it looks interesting. First, because it’s set where I live (Norway, with the trailer having a sign of my home town Tromsø), and no other games ever are set here. Secondly, it reminds me a bit about Escape from Tarkov, where you enter a map with other players and just want to gather stuff and get out. The difference being that you have your own base with crafting stations and whatnot in between “missions”.

I’ll definitely check it out when it comes to Xbox Game Preview.


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Still don’t care about racing games, even if they add Battle Royale.


That’s silly. Is there any evidence Mojang ever attempted to get the update certified? No, they built it on the assumption one feature would not get certified and then didn’t bother to do any of the work that could easily have been certified. And then they publicly pretended one was the cause of the other when that’s simply not true.

I’m not defending Sony’s policy.


Talk about silly… You’re talking about how other people have no evidence, and then present this conspiracy theory as fact.

It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft did the work; otherwise it would have been far too risky from a PR perspective to imply that the ball was in Sony’s court.


OK, so it sounds like you agree with me, then. Microsoft could update the PS4 version to add the new features, but they won’t because they’ve made them contingent on Sony accepting the unrelated new multiplayer setup.


Hey, heads up if you watched any of the E3 stuff with Mixer, I noticed I have Outer Wilds in my ready to install group so I guess the mixpot stuff has gone out.


That did the trick.


Phil Spencer made his yearly appearance on Giant Bomb last night. Nearly an hour-long discussion and it’s all really great:


The Halo 5 stuff is out too, we can collect our hats at the requisition site. There’s also a free platinum pack for visiting today. I logged into Tera but there was no sign of a Mixpot thingy.

Kyub and Lumo are on gamepass. They were removed 6 months-ish ago, but now they’re back. Cool little puzzlers worth checking out.


The SMITE Gold bundle is up on GWG now. It’s got:

20 gods, 50+ skins, voice packs, and more

SMITE is a free-to-play MOBA by Hi-Rez for those out of the loop.