The XBOX One


A moose once bit my sister!



Still don’t care about racing games, even if they add Battle Royale.


That’s silly. Is there any evidence Mojang ever attempted to get the update certified? No, they built it on the assumption one feature would not get certified and then didn’t bother to do any of the work that could easily have been certified. And then they publicly pretended one was the cause of the other when that’s simply not true.

I’m not defending Sony’s policy.


Talk about silly… You’re talking about how other people have no evidence, and then present this conspiracy theory as fact.

It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft did the work; otherwise it would have been far too risky from a PR perspective to imply that the ball was in Sony’s court.


OK, so it sounds like you agree with me, then. Microsoft could update the PS4 version to add the new features, but they won’t because they’ve made them contingent on Sony accepting the unrelated new multiplayer setup.


Hey, heads up if you watched any of the E3 stuff with Mixer, I noticed I have Outer Wilds in my ready to install group so I guess the mixpot stuff has gone out.


That did the trick.


Phil Spencer made his yearly appearance on Giant Bomb last night. Nearly an hour-long discussion and it’s all really great:


The Halo 5 stuff is out too, we can collect our hats at the requisition site. There’s also a free platinum pack for visiting today. I logged into Tera but there was no sign of a Mixpot thingy.

Kyub and Lumo are on gamepass. They were removed 6 months-ish ago, but now they’re back. Cool little puzzlers worth checking out.


The SMITE Gold bundle is up on GWG now. It’s got:

20 gods, 50+ skins, voice packs, and more

SMITE is a free-to-play MOBA by Hi-Rez for those out of the loop.


Is it any good? I don’t know anything about MOBAs.


I haven’t played it since it was in Beta, but I was clearly not the target market and I didn’t enjoy it.

It did successfully carve out its own niche though and rates as a success I would say. People do enjoy it.


Just spotted this video today from Ninja Theory about why they joined Microsoft.

I didn’t realise they had come that close to closing down a few years back. Considering how much I enjoyed Enslaved and Hellblade (never got to try their PlayStation exclusive output), that would have been a pretty big loss.

I hope MS gives them the leeway to create something that will resonate again with me as much as Hellblade did.


What surprised me is that Hellblade was developed by only ~20 of their ~100 people. I wonder if this means that Ninja Theory will be able to put out a bunch of “smaller” Hellblade-esque games in a shorter period of time, more quickly than some of the other studios might be able to release games?


I’ll say, selfishly I admit, that I hope this gets Hellblade onto Game Pass or maybe GwG in the near future. Looks interesting.


That game was very much worth the price of admission for me. I was glad to support the studio. I hope you get to play it if you haven’t yet.

Also, it has easy (story based) achievements. ;)


That’s how it works on paper - however, joining a big corporation and becoming part of their processes may ultimately harm any lean structures there are. Press Play or Twisted Pixel didn’t really seem to remain as productive as they were once acquired.

That said, for now, I’m happy for the Ninja Theory crew. I’m not surprised that they were on the brink of insolvency in the past. Independent studios of their size are a rare bunch these days given how many of them folded in the past decade.


You know, there was some of the usual backlash to Microsoft announcing these studio acquisitions at E3, with some people on Twitter thinking it was weird to clap for corporate money being spent on consolidation…which is right to an extent.

But yes, selfishly, what these acquisitions mean is that there will be a lot more first-party content heading to Game Pass. So that alone is a good reason for people to be excited for the announcements.


Ha, looks like I’m getting a reputation. Not unfairly though, I have to admit. But yes, I am interested, just haven’t reached that inflection point where I’m ready to put down money. And really part of that is that I didn’t like Enslaved all that much. But that might not be fair.


I enjoyed Enslaved when it was a nice simple linear story game. And then I was asked to go through a minefield, and I said, screw this, I’m out. It just seemed like a blatant attempt to stretch the play time.

Is that one backwards compatible yet? I should get through that minefield one of these days.