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Figured I’d mention, I beat Super Lucky’s Tale last night. It’s actually a little shorter than I thought, since it has a counter of total clovers that can be collected and that shows 117, but that includes stuff from the DLC, and I didn’t buy that.

Anyway, like I had thought going in, it’s a trifle. I don’t regret playing it but I’m really glad it was on Game Pass, I’m not sure it’s worth buying.


Oh, and I also played The Station last night. All of it. I did buy that one, but it’s on sale on Xbox this week, 10 dollars. I liked it, but it’s another trifle. Worth a look if you enjoyed Tacoma, though that game is better.


Mad respect. One of the hardest platformers I’ve ever played.


I don’t know what to say to that. I’m not all that good at these things, I felt like Super Mario 64 was tougher, I think most people consider Mario games a breeze.

Anyway, wondering if I should try Yooka Laylee or A Hat in Time next, those look kind of fun.


Managed to find a reasonably priced Sea of Thieves controller w/DLC and stand.


I started the download for Vermintide II, which is available on Game Pass now, but it’s taking forever to download tonight. Plus a lot of my Xbox Live stuff is not showing, so there must be some Live issues tonight on the back end.

@Mellified, that looks very cool.


Upcoming gold summer quests:

"Complete both these Quests to get a mystery prize and the chance to win a 24k gold plated Xbox One X Project Scorpio.

July 3 – July 16
Quest 1: Play 3 hours of multiplayer, 3 days in a row by July 9
Quest 2: Join a new club from July 10-16

July 17 – July 30
Quest 1: Earn 3 achievements each in 3 different July Games with Gold titles from July 17-23
Quest 2: Play 60 minutes of multiplayer every day from July 24-30

July 31 – August 13
Quest 1: Log into your console every day from July 31 - August 6
Quest 2: Increase your Gamerscore by 400 points from August 7-13

August 14 – August 27
Quest 1: Play 30 minutes of multiplayer every day by August 20
Quest 2: Get one new achievement every day from August 21-27

@divedivedive Was Lucky’s Tale more fun after the first couple levels?


I would say that if you played the first few levels, maybe the first hub world, you should have an idea of how you’ll like the whole game. It doesn’t change drastically. It does add some complicating features and gameplay but never rises to what I would call difficult. No disrespect intended to @Rock8man, but the game is kind of a breeze. In my opinion, if you have Game Pass, it’s worth a play. I wouldn’t spend good money on it.


Not anymore. The Hotel Transylvania 3 game that just came out is a straight up Pikmin clone, down to the day/night cycle.


Pardon the lateness. Internet forums, what are you gonna do?

One other thing: I hear tell that an Ultimate Game Sale is coming on the 19th but I can’t find a workable link. I’ll post more as it becomes available.



I saw that, but it points to some sweepstakes which itself has an embedded link to the sale, but that site isn’t live yet.


Now confirmed:


Well all righty then.



Wait, “up to 65%” sounds like a really low number. Usually it’s up to 80 or 90, isn’t it? Even if it’s only one or two games that are discounted that low.


Cool. Another reason to sign up for the vault again at some point, aside from playing Dead Space 3 (once I finish Dead Space 2 of course).

I did originally rent Dante’s Inferno when it first came out and made it about 5 hours into the game. It is a decent God of War clone, basically. At the time, I had just played both God of War 1 and 2 back to back, and was kind of tired of that whole thing. But it’s been a while now, I’ll probably respond better to it now.


That game always looked like total crap to me. Come on, a video game version of The Divine Comedy? You’ll have to let us know if I’m wrong.


That game always looked like total crap to me. Come on, a video game version of The Divine Comedy? You’ll have to let us know if I’m wrong.

Edit: what the fuck does “body of content is too similar to something I’ve already posted” mean?

Edit: oh weird


Double post! That’s what it means.

Yeah, the whole Dante’s Inferno setting is just the flavor. Basically it’s a God of War clone. The rest is just an excuse. From what I recall of the first few hours, you play a guy who is part of the Crusades into muslim lands, and he goes back from the Crusades, and yada yada, wife pulled into hell, yada yada, he goes through the layers of hell to try to find her. Or something like that.


“Body of Content” should totally be a Ti West retro-styled erotic thriller homage about Youtubers.