The XBOX One


Haha, yeah – been drifting back to the hive for quite some time (after all I have two Surfaces, an old Windows Phone, a Zune, and was a Creator’s Club member for years so I’ve always liked MS stuff) but this realization that maybe, just maybe I don’t need physical for every single game is new. I think completely having to empty my house to scrape popcorn and replace carpet last month was the deal breaker. I’m just so sick of stuff. I look at a pile of 200+ games that I will likely never get around to playing nor selling and it just takes up space. I was hanging on to some thinking “well, they may get the BC treatment”, but even those that have I think I’d rather just buy cheap digitally so I’m not constantly swapping discs. Maybe it is just me being lazy. =)


Oh yeah, I’ve totally swapped out a game I own a physical copy of for digital. The thing with me is that my wife just cannot abide big piles or whatever, and I tend to accumulate them, whether movies, games or cds. So digital stuff is win/win for us, she doesn’t even hassle me if I buy a new game but she doesn’t have to see it. Though if she knew how much I bought, that might change …


I did an similar switch. The power of the XB1X, HDR, Xbox’s sync for saved games, and the cost effectiveness of GamePass made it the best choice for me and my kids.


I can totally dig not needing stuff. I’ve been trending that way for years. If you scroll up a bit, I had a similar rant in this thread a few weeks ago- almost all my Xbone games are digital- something I wouldn’t have considered a few years ago.

Similarly, I’ve been getting rid of other stuff. Every year I take another pile of books to the local second-hand store to donate/trade in. Most of them, if I feel the need to read again, I’ll grab a cheap kindle copy. The biggest in this regard had been tabletop RPG books. I keep a solid eye on and pick up any neat-sounding bundles. I have a great RPG collection, but almost no physical copies. I still have my ever-growing boardgame collecting, though. Sigh.


I can’t get rid of books. I buy stuff digital, especially if the price is right, but all the books I’ve accumulated over a lifetime feel like more than just possessions. I admit I have certain packrat tendencies, though I’ve managed to mostly go digital in other areas. Books are just … different.


Yeah, books are troublesome that way. Love them, but my god they are a serious pain in the ass if you move. There’s a reason why book boxes are so damn small; if you try and load up a regular moving box with books you need to be a bodybuilder to lift it.


Yeah, moving is certainly part of it. And I haven’t gotten rid of all my books- I still have at least one floor-to-ceiling, 5’ wide bookshelf stuffed to the gills, not to mention my other bookshelf just for cookbooks. I keep the ones I love, but I go through a lot of books, though less now with digital.


It’s a sickness. I grew up loving books because they were a gateway to knowledge and stories way before the internet put that in everyone’s pocket. I can’t bring myself to write in them or highlight them unless it’s a textbook. I get ticked when people bend the spines on them. I still remember who borrowed one 20 years ago and never gave it back. Well, that and my Del Fuegos albums.


Oh man, that’s a pet peeve of mine too. I remember someone once looked through my books and laughed at me, asked why I had all these books if I never read them. I had to ask what they meant? And it was because the spines weren’t broken. Just blows my mind that people can’t take basic precautions to preserve a book.


It’s weird. I don’t own a single physical game for my Xbox One. The fact that Microsoft Rewards enables me to get a bunch of free microsoft store credit, combined with seeing a bunch of deals on ebay or whatever for discounted microsoft store gift cards, combined with digital sales, makes it cheaper (or at least almost as cheap) to just get stuff digitally instead of physically.


Haha, and as a guy who does bookbinding as a hobby, a have no qualms about beating my books up. I bend the spines, roll the cover back on large-format books, etc. I almost immediately ditch any dust jacket on a hardback- sometimes they make it back on the book when I’m finished with it, more often they end up in the trash. Books are things. I use things. I don’t sleeve my cards on boardgames, either. I’m a monster.


Heh, I’m the same. There are few (to no) things that I “collect”, meaning things I take care of. I own a lot of books, and re-read many of them. Spines are bent, dustcovers are all deformed from being used as page markers, paperbacks have dogears … I suppose I’m a monster as well.


You animals. I rescue paperbacks from neighborhood garbage cans and then iron the covers and spines back into shape.


That’s hardcore! love it! (joke or otherwise)


Well, the sale is live. I know it’s not until tomorrow, but here we are. Oddly, there didn’t appear to be any 360 games. Perhaps tomorrow?

Here’s some interesting stuff I saw (to me, of course)

(Prices include Gold discount)
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice: $18
The Long Dark: $12
Dark Souls 2 Complete: $10
Everspace: $12 (and DLC for another $8- worth it?)
Complete Dishonored Collection (1 remaster/DLC, 2/DLC): $32 OR
Pretty/Dishonored 2 bundle: $26

In addition to stuff that I’ve been eyeing that’s already been on sale recently and didn’t get:

Dark Souls 3 : $15/$28 w/DLC (worth it?)
Dying Light- The Following: $18 (a few bucks cheaper that the last few times it’s been on sale, for my brother to play co-op)
Agents of Mayhem: $7.50
Tacoma: $10

I’m almost certainly getting Hellblade and Everspace- it’s my birthday in a few days. Yay.


In addition to the above, I was eyeing:

Quantum Break $20 (renewed interest in the game thanks to @Paul_cze)
Prey $15 (unbundled from Dishonored 2)
Elex $24
The Surge $12.50
Dreamfall Chapters $10
Inside - $10
Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition - $6 - Deal of the Century right here. I’m definitely getting this.


I was really hoping there’d be some pre-order/discount for No Man’s Sky. We still don’t know how much it’ll cost. It showed up with a pre-order order banner on the store yesterday morning, but clicking through, the page was not finished, with no price/order button, and trying to go to the game hub resulted in an error. Now it’s nowhere to be found.

Edit: that TitanFall deal is great! I got it on sale last fall for like $10. It really is a great single-player game, and the co-op multiplayer is a lot of fun.

Edit 2: NMS is still $60 on the PlayStation Store? WTH? The game is two years old! Whelp, I guess that’s what we’ll be paying on Xbox.


There will be 360 deals.


Picked this up on disc the other day and played the first half hour or so. Seemed interesting, nice art style, but very easy to die. Also: you can’t pick up items in the world with a weapon equipped. So quirky.


I had $61 in Microsoft bucks in my account. I spent $6 this morning on Titanfall 2 Ultimate, leaving $55.

And now thanks to @Kadath’s post in the bargain thread, I bought another year of Xbox Live for $40, so I have only $15 left to play with for this sale. I don’t think that’s a bad deal though. I’ve been really loving Xbox Gold selections lately. I’m having a blast with Death Squared, which became free four or five days ago. Definitely give that a spin if you guys haven’t bothered playing that yet. It just hits the sweet spot for me in terms of being a fun and not too difficult (yet) puzzle game that’s still satisfying.

Hmmmmm, If I get Prey, that’s almost exactly $15, which will empty out my Microsoft bucks. Tempting.