The XBOX One


Here we go!

They added my (bowel) movement!

And it’s on :)

War, War never changes.

“For the first time, you and your TV are going to have a relationship.”



I don’t want to cry more

Well, now I’m crying

Uh oh, they started out with a male on stage. Clearly MS is sexist.


Oh jeez.


I see they paid off Spielberg and JJ Abrams.

You can’t let Sony get an advantage in the numbers department.

I kind of wish I was going to E3 this year.

Just kidding.

Blah blah blah history history blah blah living room blah blah.


It’s complicated

Mattrick’s monologue is failing to mention ADS IN YOUR FACE.

thriving industry?

FUCK! The stream died on me.

All in One set top box.