The XBOX One


Someone please remind me to get Oxenfree.


Hey Wholly, don’t forget to pick up Oxenfree.


Someone else please remind me to get Oxenfree.




Hey, @divedivedive, don’t forget to remind @WhollySchmidt that he needs to get Oxenfree.




All right so now that I’ve got my XboneX preorder locked in, I find that this is also helpful in sorting my backlog, deciding what I should be playing now vs waiting for the X. Anything that gets a significant visual or performance upgrade gets tossed back on the pile.


Yeah, I’m not sure if I should pre-order, or maybe wait for a good bundle (esp as I’m not planning on getting a 4k TV and AV solution until around black friday).


For what it’s worth I don’t have a 4K TV and have no near-term plans to buy one, I’m mainly interested in better performance, frames per second, loading times and visuals even just on my 1080P set. I figure in for a penny, in for a pound.


Yeah, if Anthem was demoing on a scorpio at E3, then I want that.


That and the demos of AC Origins have been pretty convincing for me.


Bit of a post necro this, but Eurogamer really likes the new F1 game. If I weren’t planning to splash out on a Xbox One X and Forza 7 I’d probably get it myself. The career/R&D stuff sounds pretty interesting, and it features “classic” cars from back when I actually watched the occasional F1 race.


Didn’t really know where to put this one, I was kind of surprised that we don’t have a Kentucky Route Zero thread here, but looks like the TV Edition of the game is coming out early next year, concurrent with the release of episode 5 of the game.

Also, while this trailer calls out the Xbox One version specifically, I can’t imagine it isn’t also coming to PS4 and maybe Switch, who knows. Anyway, I bought this a long time ago on Steam but I’ve held off playing until all the episodes are out, but I may just go with this version.


If I already own Forza 6, should I play that instead of 5? I’ve seen a better reception towards 6 in the Xbox community…do others concur?


I honestly can’t tell the difference between them.


So no Labor Day or PAX sales for XBL?


Not really. Six pretty sure has more cars/tracks and looks better with stuff like the weather effects.


Forza 5 at launch was my favorite in the series. Because you actually had to buy low level cars so you could run races and win races, which got you enough money to buy slightly better cars, etc. It was a return to climbing the ladder towards better and better vehicles. Telefrog and others called that “grinding” and hated it, because in order to get to their preferred Ferrari or whatever they actually had to play the game in other vehicles first.

However, there was such an outcry that they re-balanced the rewards to be more generous, so you didn’t have to play very long to get to your Ferraris and Bugattis and Lambos. Just like every other Forza game after the first one.

The other reason I loved Forza 5 the best is the Drivatars. At the right difficulty levels, the way they raced was so much like the person they were emulating. Like I would watch my brother play, and then later I’d be alone at home racing against his drivatar, and it was like playing asynchronous multiplayer because his drivatar drove just like him!

People hated that too. They said the drivatars drove too irrationally, and it wasn’t fun because blah blah blah. Vocal fans have to ruin everything for the rest of us, I tells ya. Anyway, I think Drivatars are still mostly the same in Forza 5, but I heard they’ve been neutered in Forza 6, just like they were for the Forza Horizon series. So I think Forza 5 is still the best in the series even post-patches, even though it’s not as good as it was launch.


Their sale structure is oddly rigid. It happens Tuesday and lasts a week or it ain’t happening.


OK. Bummer!